How do I know which deck is selected?

Wanted to consolidate a sync switch by toggling through selected decks rather than dedicating them to an assigned deck. Thing is, irregardless of whether it’s playing or not, I see no indicator to tell me which deck is currently selected. Could anyone show me where it’s located? Big difference syncing deck 1 to deck 2, for example, when the intention might be the other way around…

Nope. That didn’t do it.

nothing to see on the x-fader. X-Fader assignment is not the same thing as selecting which is the active deck, although some actions like cut are relative to where the fader is

look at your crossfader

I had an issue where it always wanted to sync with deck 1 from any deck and deck 2 if you came from deck one. There was no way to specify which deck was in scope for sync. Not sure if the is the same thing you are descibing. Please if you do not mind put steps to reproduce.

Did you have to program the ACP or was it just recognized by DJay? Let me make sure I got it, You are not specifying a deck on the ACP. You are sending the command and wanting DJay to apply it to the “selected” deck. Many MIDI commands if not otherwise specified default to deck one. Are you sure the ACP is not at fault? If the ACP knows what deck is selected it should specify when it sends command.You would have to sniff the Midi to be for sure. If more that one deck is “selected” how would DJay decide on its own to know why to apply this command? I am thinking the ACP would have to tell it.

I haven’t seen an immediately visible indicator of which track is selected from the screen. Maybe they could change the number displayed in the corner to a brighter color or something?

Any update on this?

Functions which I have configured for “selected deck” will only alter deck 1 … even when deck 2 is the only one playing.

I see no graphical indication of which deck is active, or how to change it.

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Sure –

For instance, I have programmed a button on my APC40 to perform “set grid” for the “selected track”.

However, so far as I can tell, this button-mapping will only affect Track 1. This is true even when Track 2 is the only one playing.

Further, it appears there is no indicator as to which track is selected. So it is hard for me to tell what (if any) actions will cause a different track to become “selected”. Interesting that --now playing-- would not be significant.

Overall love the program – this is the only significant flaw found thus far.

Mapping with APC has been a breeze otherwise.

I am using latest version for Macbook btw – El Capitan if it matters