Adding morphing and different transition styles to the Smart Fader button on the Pioneer DDJ-FLX4

I love the morphing function and the automatic transition style function in Automix, but I just want to use them temporarily, without turning Automix on and by manually using the crossfader. Wouldn’t it be possible to use the Smart Fader button for switching this on and off?


Hey @Andreas_Haase1 ,

Thank you for posting this suggestion here in the Community. Nice one :slight_smile:

Could you please confirm your:

  • device
  • OS
  • djay version
  • sequence of steps to reproduce your desired outcome with Automix
  • sequence of steps to reproduce your desired outcome without Automix and by manually using the FLX-4 crossfader

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I don’t have an issue or any kind of problem with Djay Pro or the FLX4 crossfader, just a request for a future update. I use the latest version of Djay Pro and have updated the firmware of my Pioneer DDJ-FLX4 so both will work together. The Smart Fader function of the FLX4 in combination with Rekordbox is very helpful in my opinion and I wish it would work in a similar way with Djay Pro but it doesn’t yet. Only an echo out effect is added when you press the Smart Fader button but maybe you could add some of your Automix capabilities to it. So when activating Smart Fader it would be possible to morph two tracks into each other like when using Automix.


Hey @Andreas_Haase1 ,

Thank you for getting back to me regarding this, and apologies for the late reply.

Sounds good, I will make sure to pass your feedback on adding some levels of Automix capabilities in combination with the controller’s Smart Fader to our Dev Team.

Cheers and once more thank you for the useful input!

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You can use the Transition to Left & Transition to Right commands to “manually” Automix. They trigger a crossfade using Automix settings (Morph, Sync etc.); and work even when Automix is OFF.

  • Computer keyboard shortcuts: ← → arrow keys
  • Or use the on-screen arrows (next to the on-screen cross-fader).
  • In macOS, commands are in the [Mixer] drop-down menu.

MIDI MAPPING (trigger with a controller)
You can trigger the Left/Right Transition commands with buttons on a DJ controller. Personally I mapped them to the [SHIFT] + Play on Decks 1 & 2 which I find intuitive and convenient.
Unfortunately, mapping to Faders is problematic.


  • It’s a good idea to un-map the left/right arrow keys. It’s very easy to accidentally trigger an unwanted transition. I prefer using CMD key (⌘ ← and ⌘ →) because it requires a bit more effort.
  • It’s also a good idea to re-map the Load to Deck shortcuts with the SHIFT key (⇧ ← and ⇧ →). It’s a mapping that is consistent with other DJ software.

“Manual” Left/Right Transitions (cmd ⌘ key)
⌘ ← Transition to Left
⌘ → Transition to Right

Load Tracks (shift ⇧ key)
⇧ ← Load Track to Deck 1
⇧ → Load Track to Deck 2

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Of course I know this function and the keyboard shortcuts. You could also map the Automix on/off function to the Smartfader button on the FLX4 to turn it on and off without touching the keyboard but there’s one problem if you’re using my solution or the keyboard shortcuts, which is the reason why I asked for a better solution. Once you’ve made an auto transition, say to the left deck, you have to be aware that the crossfader in the software also moves to the left but the crossfader on the controller is still on the right. So, when playing the next track on the right deck it will be silent. You must move the crossfader a little so it also returns to the other side in the software. This can lead to unwanted results like hearing both decks for a second or no sound at all, when you forget to move the fader before you manually start the next track. That’s why the Smart Fader function in Rekordbox used with the FLX4 is so smart and my idea is, to give us morphing and maybe equing but without this disadvantage I mentioned

Yes I agree. I wish Algoriddim would properly map the “manual Automix transitions” to the hardware faders. It’s ironic that all this time, djay Pro has had a better “Smart Fader” than Rekordbox but it’s not properly mapped to the hardware.

And it’s a funny :headphones: DJ skill , learning how to :palm_down_hand: slam the hardware crossfader so it matches the software - without disrupting the :notes: live audio.

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That’s exactly the problem. Occasionally I find it very helpful to use these kind of aids but I still want to have the overall control

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Virtual DJ has a smart fader function now. Why can’t Algoriddim give us this in Djay Pro Ai? I really would love to see this in the mapping