Advanced searching / library management

I’d really like to see some advanced searching.

For example starting with a BPM range and using that set for the next search which could be the key of the song. All this is unrelated to genre or playlist in this case.

Another option would be to search on multiple selectable fields at the same time. I’d also love to manually disable columns and be able to sort them by clicking on them.

The way Mixvibes handles searching is pretty good too. You might want to take a look at their iPad app.

Simply allow which fields you’d like to see.

Agree totally. It’s important to display *any* of the iTunes meta data within the window of user selectable columns. Two essential items are track play count & last played date. This data allows us to mix up the music, especially if we’re playing on a regular weekly basis or more!

Excellent point as well. An effective way for this to work is using live search, which many Mac applications use (e.g: console). Simply, whatever is typed shows matching items in the main playlist window, rather than results window. No need for any constrained dropdown window. As stated before the main window also needs the ability to show whatever iTunes fields the user wants.

Yeah. Album never made sense to me from a DJ perspective.

Right now for me it’s only useful to abuse it by putting the key in it or something…

Seeing how this is now implemented on the big version (Pro 2 on Mac) I hope they will finally do something similar in the next iPad version.

Hopefully with a surprise demo when the new iPads will be revealed later this month?

Well, I was almost right…

“I watched the iPad Pro drive a 5K display out of DJay Pro, and it can now support an extended display, while previous iPads just mirrored.”…

So the new version has better filtering options. One question though: it would be far more useful if searching would include key matching instead of simply using the exact same key. And I hope this won’t take another 6 years since we’re now on the subscription model and all that…

More room for improvement: the filters are simply stacked (AND). This is fine unless you’re using the same type of criteria. In that case using ‘OR’ would be preferred.

E.g. I want to search for key ‘Bm’ and ‘Em’. Right now the result set would be non-existent as there are no songs with both keys. Well, doh.

Activating two identical filter-types should be inclusive or deactivate the other condition as it makes no sense in its current implementation.

Hi there,

(Hooked into a Numark IDJ Pro)

Couldn’t agree more… when I want to play a specific remix of a track during a set I want to see:

Black Man (Alliance DC Vocal Strut)

Currently, this is what I see this in my library when sorted by Song:

Black Man (Aca…
Black Man (Allia…
Black Man (Guir…
Black Man (Instr…
Black Man (Jami…
Black Man (Jami…
Black Man (Jami…
Black Man (Lac…
Black Man (Lac…
Black Man (Voc…

This honestly sucks… not only doesn’t it scroll, I can’t get a preview before I select the track to load… nor does the track name scroll across in the main app screen.

I’m not into guessing which one of three different tracks I need to select when I have already chosen in my mind the one I want to play…

Please can this be looked into as a matter or urgency as the full screen library at present for the most part simply doesn’t work.

What works:

1.) The filter / search bar at the top right
2.) The scroll action through the list of tracks presented

What doesn’t work:

1.) The columns are too narrow
2.) In Song view the Album column can be argued as being redundant
3.) The Library playlist running down the left hand side is a complete waste of space, let it be a pop-out or filter you choose, to the left of “Songs” for example.
4.) When you select a track by touching it with your finger and holding for a second (so it is acknowledged as an intended touch), it needs to jump out immediately (no time-wasting animation) with a pop-up at the top of the screen (ie above where your finger is) with some of the meta tag data:

a.) Full Track Name
b.) Album Name
c.) Length of Track
d.) BPM
e.) Picture of wavelength from BPM calc (for those that simply “read” their records ;o)
f.) Album Art
g.) List of used Hot Cues and Timing Positions (Like a Red Dot 03:42)

Just some thoughts, thanks very much.

Kind regards,


Hi Paul,

Thanks for your comments, it is good to know that other customers are actually talking to Algoriddim about this sort of thing. Having used the iDJ Pro with Djay now for almost a year I think it’s about time that this is sorted out. There are not enough updates to the core application, and what has come out has been of little to zero interest to me.

I have commited to using the iDJ Pro and I expect some better support for this platform, given the two-year partnership with Numark.

I have seen many ideas/requests on this forum that have simply gone unanswered or have not been implemented. Algoriddim had better buck their ideas up in terms of improving the experience for the iDJ Pro or else I will start looking at alternative solutions. They have had enough time and suggestions via this forum.

Thanks again for persisting with them on this ridiculously simple issue of “what the hell track am I playing?”



Would like to see that as well! Probably it would also be great to define which columns are displayed and the general font size.

On iOS it would be great if there is a possibility to change the font size for the library, this would allow e.g. to display another column (like year, genre, …) and give some more overview.
iOS supports dynamic text - however dj pro does not react on that. From my point of view it would be sufficient for the library view to have this feature.

Another comment regarding search and library management, hope I’m right here - if not, please tell me and I open a seperate proposal.

Currently dj pro on iPad does not show the search results as it shows you the normal list of tracks (in artist, album or playlist view) - it shows only a small pop-in below the search box.

This really sucks, because the tiny little search result pop-in that is used for search results is too small. Also it lacks of details about the song. Often there are quite a few mixes, versions - to differentiate those information like genre, length of song or the full name are vital.

If think this shouldn’t be so hard to achieve. Would be great if we could see this in a future update.

Actually - I hope you are not right and Algoriddim eventually listens and understands what is needed by their users.

I think for the “hobby party DJs” they can even stick to the free version to play around. Plus there are enough fancy features now. From my point of view it is now about stability and handling of large libraries and making the life of the DJs easier to manage this huge amount of songs.

If you want to get serious, there is no way around some of the features mentioned here. It is basically also the only thing that I would blame Algoriddim for - the actual “player” part of the software works well and is fine.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

i agree totally whit these guys…please do anything to improve this item…

Definately get rid of album and replace it with the song key/note

“I’d also love to manually disable columns and be able to sort them by clicking on them.”
So am i, so we could sort by rating, coment,…

That would be perfect, If you make it compatible with “Media Monkey” tags…

And also adding a column for the previously played song during the actual session.

Fullscreen library is horrible, I can not see the artist’s name and song together, only if the name of the artist and the song short. It would be good to be able to expand the column and some non-essential items such as “Album” repress. I hope you will accept this criticism and resolved in the next Updates.

Best Regards,
Radulovic Filip

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Horrible fullscreen library view.

Recently picked up a Numark iDJ Pro and I want to chime in with an agreement about the narrow view being a problem.

One “low hanging fruit” suggestion that would be very helpful and hopefully very easy to implement: in Playlist view, it would be nice to be able to collapse/shrink/hide the list of playlists taking up valuable screen real estate. I imagine many DJs keep playlists specific to gigs, and would like to just pick a playlist and then hide the list.

Any news on this topic?

Custom tag columns display will be best idea IMHO: people are storing customised info in tags; for example, I use mp3tag software to enter information in ALBUM tag that has camelot key, BPM etc.

Why is hard to make library browsing with custom columns/layout? It will be useful for everybody