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Please make an option to configure tracklist view on IDJPRO !!!
It is very difficult to choose songs when the tittle are cut !!!
Since this problem… some update… but nothing !!!
A lot of people talk about this BIG PROBLEM !!!

You’d like Djay & IdjPro being professionnal so …

I am going to insist until the problem is not solved !



I’ve been waiting on a fix for this for 9 months now since I first reported it to Algoriddm, I have exchanged numerous e-mails with Algoriddm starting in August of 2012. How can this app not allow you to see and entire track title! This is the single most important attribute of a track.

What’s worse is that even once the song is loaded to the turntable, a few more characters in the song title appears, but it does not scroll to make the entire title visible.

Make no mistake, this is a problem and not an enhancement request. Djay for the iPad used to have the native iOS behavior of displaying the full title as balloon help. If you held your finger against a song title greater than 23 characters in lenght, the full title appeared in a balloon that would pop-up, thereby enabling a correct song choice.

When Algoriddm rolled out a release of djay for iPad that displayed BPM in the library view, this functionality went away. They are aware of this problem and hopefully are working on a fix.

While it can be an interesting brain-teaser, having to guess what characters in a song title are being truncated past the 23rd character of a song title is not the best way to select the right track. I eagerly await a solution to this as well.


Hi James,

Exactly! Loading the wrong track can totally destroy a mix so being able to see an entire track title is probably the most basic task that any DJ software must be able to perform.

It comes down to whether or not Algoriddm is committed to supporting the core functionality of this product in a robust manner. The “features” that I see rolling by in recent software updates are mostly new bells and whistles aimed at the fluff market. It is very discouraging that this fundamental, core issue has not been addressed in a timely manner.

My understanding is that iDJ Pro works exclusively with djay, is that correct? I’d be interested in hearing what other DJ software options you are pursuing.


So, everybody is saying the same thing. When will Algoriddm respond to customer feedback and make the entire track title visible?

While I’m here, there are a couple of other questions I’ve been trying to find answers for:

I would like to purchase a Pioneer controller and have a couple of questions:

I was looking at the Pioneer DDJ-WEG03 and all of their DDJ-WEG models and they will not accommodate the 12.9-inch iPad Pro as the opening in the unit is only 10" wide. Are you aware of any partnering efforts between Algoriddm and Pioneer to address this gap? Display-wise, Djay Pro works better on the iPad Pro which does not fit in the DDJ-WEG03.

The DDJ-SR is an excellent model, but is not listed as being compatible with the Djay Pro for the iPad, only the Mac version. Will there ever be iPad support for Djay on the higher end Pioneer controllers?

What are the top high-end controllers that will work with the iPad version of Djay Pro?


I have since 2 weeks the new Version of the djay App for ipad and iPhone.
Thank you for the new features and for the great App.

But one thing i miss and i find it very important.

I have about 5000 songs on my pad. So it is nessesary, i can find easily the songs. You have many possibilities to list and select the songs to load them.

But why i can’t select, search and sort by the Field comment or rating. So i had my own classification to load my songs.

I Don’t understand, why djay, iTunes and the most other Apps don’t have Access to These Fields. The information Must be there in the database, because some Apps can select this fields, for example “smartplaylist”

Perfect will be, if i can edit the list like iTunes on the PC. There i can change the fields, they will be displayed, i can change the order and width of a collum.

I hope that you can understand my problem and my description.
I also hope, that you have a solution for this Problem.

Thanks and have a nice day


Total agree. I spend a Lot of days to maintenance informations in the comment Field. Add the access to the comment row.

I totally agree with all the comments above. The ratings columns is really important for djs who spend their time rating their music, and right now you can not even see the rating of a song. If you create a playlist but you want to sort your music in the playlist by genre, you cannot do it. There is definitely a lot of work to be done on the Library Management side for the djay application. I hope the djay developers address this issues soon.

This idea is essential also for Djs.

Hi there,

I want to thank you all for your great input. 
We are always helpful for getting in detail explanations of features or improvements our software is lacking.
Our goal is to keep the user interface as simple and intuitive as possible. Also we are always gathering for possible changes and software updates. As this topic is getting a lot of attention, I pushed this feature internally and it would be great if you guys,
can continue sharing your feedback and thoughts about library management topics in this thread, I assure you they are at our agenda.

Cheers,Lukas E. 

Hi Sareen Patel,

please note this thread is about djay for iOS, please contact us via

Lukas E.

That is definitely a great idea.

Would like to also see a rating feature - I would love to tag some songs as don’t play unless u wish to close the set in 10 seconds.

A lot would be solved with us being able to control the size of separate fields, maybe make them in to floating windows which could also be dispersed to other desktops.

Has anyone been successful at multiple column sorts?

I recently wrote to algoriddim to suggest the ability to sort using multiple columns. I recently received an email from Alex @ algoriddim and suggested I repost to try and garner a renewed interest. Hopefully this will start to gain some traction.

I feel there should be two methods to sort column. One in the preferences section that will default the column or columns that you would want to sort by. The second would be by clicking on the column headers in the record case. I know in Virtual DJ you would click the column in the reverse order. So if you want to sort by Artists and Title, you would select Title first then the Artist.

I’m optimistic that this will be a future enhancement for day pro. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

have a look at the Reloop Beatmix 2

I just upgraded to djay pro after using djay 4.3.2.for a long time. i was able to multi-sort (i.e. click BPM, then click Year = my go-to double sort) in djay but apparently they took it away in djay pro? why???

ahh, okay thanks Lukas! i sent an email

i still have not received any advice on this

I’ve come to the conclusion that Algorithm is strictly aiming for the non-professional with djay. They care less about it’s robustness than bells and whistles to attract the casual user.

If someone is just livening up a house party, who cares if the wrong song is played because you can’t see the whole title. Professional use is another thing entirely.

Hopefully as the iPad crosses further into Mac territory, Serato will release for that platform.


When is an entire track title going to be made visible? There should be a pop-up or scroll feature for this.

Currently there is no way to differentiate between two or more long track titles having identical characters except for the suffix.

As the product stands, you have to pick one and then hope for the best. DJ’s often use long titles to differentiate versions or remixes. We tend to keep these characters to the rightmost position so that a track name sort keeps different versions of the same track grouped together.

I have had this request in the queue for YEARS. This is very basic stuff that is not an issue on Traktor’s iPad DJ software.

Is there any chance that you will fix this problem?


I still have not received any response from Algorithm regarding this problem.