Advanced searching / library management

I would love to see the comment field in djay Pro for iOS and make it sortable.

I use the traktor keychecker to set my comment field (

so all my comment fields are key - bpm with added zeros if required like this:
07A - 120.00
10B - 090.40

etc. I can use this fine on djay for MacOS, but not on iOS because it wont show me the comment field.

Some excellent suggestions here.

A search filter would be great. If I’m viewing a specific playlist or artist and execute a search, return results should be restricted to the playlist or artist I’m viewing.

I’m referencing djay Pro for iPad.

Hi guys I want to add some improvements that I really think it has to come very soon in order to have a pro app. 
1/ The recent issues with Catalina and iTunes and the uprising iPadOS makes totally clear that IPad users need to work as pro users just inside the iPad without having to open the laptop for playlist management, tagging, etc. That means we need to have the option to manage our songs, rename them, tag them etc. inside the app otherwise the tag filter is to me pretty useless and we can’t forget when many years ago we were able to do smart playlists with comments in iTunes and use Traktor in a laptop like a charm.

2/ Also whats up with sync between devices? As my playlists in iPad doesn’t sync with my iPhone I am trying to edit playlists on Spotify but guess what those guys are in the jurassic era in terms of playlist editing, unless of course you open your laptop and then you can do the magic of changing playlists order, etc.

Thanks for a positive reply if posible, peace&love guys.