Akai APC Mini MKII

This controller would be so perfect for controlling the looper.
To be honest, that looper is kinda useless without being able to use a midi controller with it.

Which reminds me, another feature I’d love to see is to be able to not pull up certain modes of DJP AI, I’d be stoked to be able to just switch between classic, 4 decks and looper, or any other combo that suits my style at any point in time.

I can get behind this feature request, even if it would be rare for me to use it. (is there a file size/duration limit/file format limitation?)
Who knows, maybe it’s even already been thought of by the algoriddim devs, for an upcoming update.

The looper is actually pretty dope once you mess with it a little bit, if I could switch patterns quickly in it on the looper section it would be even better.
I really only use the kick, snare, hats/percs of it but there’s also been a couple of times that looper has saved me bc I forgot to load a track or some other mistake I’d made.

I have a few of the APC mini mk2’s laying around and they’re just taunting me every time I’m using DJ pro, and when you look at the looper on DJayPro and the APC, it’s like their meant to work together.

perhaps to some extent they already do:

I’m going to encourage you to dig in and see if you can add any actions/this hardware to that google spreadsheet.
Blaze a trail!

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The looper is totaly mappable guys. I even mapped it to an Novation Circiut with the lights working as well. Try it.


I’ve also custom mapped the Looper to a DJ TechTools Midi Fighter 64. Works great. Super easy to map. Actually I typically remap one or two of the performance pad modes on my controller to the Looper as well.

So, assuming djay recognizes the AKAI APC Mini MKII, it shouldn’t be too hard to map it yourself.