List of available MIDI actions in djay

This has already been requested by others.

Can you please create a list of mappable midi actions in dJay.

I already started the list. This Google Spreadsheet is publicly editable for everyone. So please feel free to edit and improve.

The list has some questions marked in red. I’d really be happy if some of the dJay staff could answer these.

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Hi Doogie,

This is very helpful of you! I’ve spoken to the team, and we’re happy to support this community project, as a sort of wiki-esque guide. I’ll try to answer your queries in the notes, and fill in any gaps.

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Please add a midi actions for editing the beat grid

  • Set Beatgrid start to exactly where the playhead is
  • Shift the beatgrid by 1 beat (move “beat one” forward / backward by one beat)
  • Adjust the beatgrid very fine grained to the left and right so that it matches the beat
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You mean as new commands?

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Yes thease are functions that can already be done via the iPad screen.
But I want to MIDI map these commands / actions.

What I want: When i press a certain button on my hardware controller, than the beat grid is set to that position. (when MIDI mapped accordingly)

I’ve added your suggestion to our list. If anyone else would like to see this, please vote at the top of the post.

Thank you for the clarifications. I’ll keep the list updated.

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I made a big update to the list.
I actually found out only right now, that dJay for iOS has TWO seperate list of mappable MIDI actions. One for click-buttons and another one for faders/knobs and rotaries.

This feels a lot like testing, guessing and reverse engeneering, but its great fun. I hope the list is usefull for otheres.

@algoridm: There are a lot of open questions in the Sheet. We’d be glad about answers.

There are a lot of quite usefull but undocument features in dJay. It would be worth documenting them. Here is one example (many more in the sheet):

Set loop OUT in dJay for iOS

When paused: Set the end of the loop to exactly where the playhead is.
When playing: Set the end of the loop (quantized).
When you create a loop while playing dJay very cleverly quanzizes the end of your loop. When you set a very short loop you can create a 1/2, 1 or 2 beat loop. When you click OUT after the third beat, dJay will automatically create a 4 beta (=1 bar) loop. Which is most likely what you want.

Thanks for this document! It will make it easier for me to map out my controller with Djay!

I will not hesitate to contribute if I find some of the missing commands!


Thanks for the document! This is great :grin:

For DJay Pro AI on Mac, can you please add the ability to midi map buttons to select the FX Assignment for Deck, Drums, Harmonic and Vocals? Thank you.

For DJPro AI on Mac, please also add the ability to midi map buttons and knobs for Beat Jump and Beat Jump Size. Thanks again.

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Hey guys, that list is pure GOLD!!! thanks.

I am trying to midi map the Rane One, it is a slow learning curve. (dj dad joke in there)

  1. anybody already do it and have a midi file? I WILL PAY!
  2. having a hard time with the spinning platters, I figure since the rane 12 is now compatible then the one should be able to do it, any idea where I can see a rane 12 file so I can try to apply it to my rane 1?
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Thank you very much for the praise. I am very happy that this community driven list helps.

Here you can find a very good tutorial how to manually create a MIDI map: MIDI Mapping Algoriddim Djay (Neural Mix) - We Are Crossfader

MIDI maps for a lot of DJ tools (software) and controllers can be here:

Hope that helps. (Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Algoriddim in any way. Just trying to help.)


Update: This list is still alive and actively maintained. Any feedback is more than welcome.

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i’m using a DDJ-SP1 on my cdj + mixer setup, i would like to “toggle” all the FX knobs in to “Neural mix knobs”… but unlike traktor i cant assign a button to act like a modifier and i have to hold shift in order to use the “Neural mix layer” on the FX knobs… not so friendly…

Hi! I have the need for various midi mappings that I’m not finding as options in DJ pro AI for Mac… However, when I look at this google sheet, the things Im looking for are listed.

Im confused how I get to see all the mappings listed in this google sheet… or maybe they’re just not implemented in the mac version of the software?

Specifically I need:

Button mapping for effects 1-3 on/off for each deck
Button for turning neural layers on/off (i.e. drums, bass, harmonic, vocals)
Buttons for turning loop on/off
Buttons for increasing/decreasing loop length
Button for 8 Instant FX slots per deck

Thank you

Hello Aiotea!

(Disclaimer: I am not associtated with Algoridim in any way. I am just a motivated poweruser :slight_smile:

The above Excel as created for the iOS version of dJay on iPad. The available mappings on a PC or MAC might differ.

But I’d really be wondering, if for example the effect on/off is not midi mappable on MAC ??? Maybe Algoriddim Support knows more …

Hi Doogie, thanks for the reply…

So I’ve dug deeper, and think I’ve found the issue…

I’m mapping velocity sensitive buttons, and looking for on/off mappings… and when I send midi to dJay, it’s seeing the mapping is shown with a “fader” icon and giving limited mapping options.

The solution seems to be if I go to that mapping → Advanced → and change Control Type to button, which gives MANY more options I was looking for.

I think this solves my issue… and will check and make sure every mapping I listed earlier is in this other menu. If not, I’ll report back.


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