List of available MIDI actions in djay

This has already been requested by others.

Can you please create a list of mappable midi actions in dJay.

I already started the list. This Google Spreadsheet is publicly editable for everyone. So please feel free to edit and improve.

The list has some questions marked in red. I’d really be happy if some of the dJay staff could answer these.

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Hi Doogie,

This is very helpful of you! I’ve spoken to the team, and we’re happy to support this community project, as a sort of wiki-esque guide. I’ll try to answer your queries in the notes, and fill in any gaps.

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Please add a midi actions for editing the beat grid

  • Set Beatgrid start to exactly where the playhead is
  • Shift the beatgrid by 1 beat (move “beat one” forward / backward by one beat)
  • Adjust the beatgrid very fine grained to the left and right so that it matches the beat

You mean as new commands?

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Yes thease are functions that can already be done via the iPad screen.
But I want to MIDI map these commands / actions.

What I want: When i press a certain button on my hardware controller, than the beat grid is set to that position. (when MIDI mapped accordingly)

I’ve added your suggestion to our list. If anyone else would like to see this, please vote at the top of the post.