Algoriddim, are you ever going to fix the DRM issue?

I read forum after forum with no fix to the DRM issue. Algoriddem are you ever going to fix this huge bug? Or are you going to ask me the same questions you’ve asked in every other dj in every other forum and leave those same dj’s with no answers. The forums get closed before a real answer is provided. I can only access about 10% of my library of over 300,000 + songs which makes your program extremely limiting for a dj with a plethora of music we can’t access. And having a subscription based program all songs I have purchased should be available to my dj wants and needs. Is there any fix? Running 6th gen iPad iOS 15.6.1 using djay version. 4.0.13 on the Hercules mini controller for a mobile set up. Only the lowest quality MP3’s in my library are available in djay everything else says it is DRM protected.

Well, you don’t describe more about your situation.

How I understand DRM protected files.

If I buy a song from Apple Music, Apple has full rights to define how that particular song file works.
Ie. if they put the file to be DRM protected, they might decide that that particular file can only be played by their own music player and no other application can’t use that file.

And yes, then that’s file is protected i.e not allowed to be used by another application.

Also the copyright owner of that song might have licensed that song to Apple, saying that Apple needs to put that file to be DRM protected so that no another app can use it.

So if the copyright owner finds that Apple has brake the deal, they can sue Apple to court.

If any dj app, try to break that DRM protection, the dj app developer can be sued by Apple and by the copyright owner to court.

So: don’t buy DRM protected files, and don’t even try to remove it by yourself.

So how to remove the DRM protection: contact the copyright owner of the song to get DRM free version of the song file.

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Also see the discussion in this thread

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I feel it is still an un-necessary process having subscribed to multiple streaming services just to be blocked by each other from using such property. Paying a price across multiple platforms should free such properties from each platforms desecration of such property. I’m a musician not a lawyer but I feel subscription services are doing less for the consumer. That is why there is a rush of physical media. The digital subscription platform is killing the digital platform and the DRM restrictions is the clear sign.

Really after reading every DRM forum my situation is exactly like every other forum… a song works than there’s an upgrade and then it doesn’t work again the only files in my library un effected were songs of lower quality. Using Apple Music as my primary music organizer it takes liberties on organization, which I’ve tried to prevent having meta cows my library multiple times and having over 300000 songs in my library it takes a few months to re-meta my library just to have Apple undo everything I did after an update. What I’m trying to make aware is that we may purchase something digitally yet we are restricted to its use via our library program. I’ve purchased music directly from musicians such as L’Entourloop put the music I purchased put it in my library and it unavailable for me to use. 3rd party purchases shouldn’t be restricted in any such way yet subscription services still restrict what you do with what you purchased. I can tell you my iOS I can give you a description of each song that doesn’t work the end result is the subscription service doesn’t want to do anything about it and after years of forums to prove it they still don’t care. I’m asking for a solution no one wants to give a reasonable answer for & its utterly amazing! If algoriddem only wants lower quality files played across their dj program than yeah they are selling out their subscribers also misleading them on the use of their options of the personal library on first glance… it isn’t till you can’t load a song up before ya read that the drm songs can’t be loaded into the program and after expecting 300000 songs to be available and ya get 5% of your library available. That just sucks. It’s misleading imo.

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The only solution I can give is… Like I’ve decided 10+ years ago.
I rather organize my songs the way I want with the tools I trust and not really trust Apple Music or any other application to access those files without proper testing if that tool is ok to be used.

Since then, no problems at all.

I edit tags and organize my files on windows with mp3tag.
Then I move those files and file structure to my mac and do my playlists with djpro.

If Apple Music is messing up, stop using it and find a tool which works.

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A few questions,
From where are your purchasing your music?
What program are you using to manage your library on your desktop computer?
What process are you using to convert that library to Itunes and sync to your iOS device?

I ask out of curiosity as I have not come across the DRM issue yet.

That might be true, but there’s nothing Algoriddim can do on this subject.

Hi @Cook,

Thank you for sharing your feedback as we understand how frustrating issues like these can become.

Unfortunately, we do not have control over what tracks are and are not DRM protected. That being said, it is always a good idea to ensure that the track you are purchasing is not DRM protected beforehand albeit this is not always a visible option.

Other variables can contribute to DRM protected playback issues such as an active Apple Music subscription and/or whether or not a track has been properly downloaded to your device for djay to read.

We apologize that you’ve run into this problem and will continue to actively look into it.

Poor response & gives me no positive feedback or any ideas for a work around. Your support is weak at best.

Question 1: Various platforms, Having purchased vinyl, a lot comes from digital downloads from the vinyl purchased. I-tunes purchases since its inception. Other 3rd party digital downloads & 100’s of hours ingesting physical media. Question 2: i-tunes used to organize my library well but its gone to the trash having tried to rebuild my library to fight the the modified library organization that apple constantly applies which causes multiple duplicates and clutters whatever partition your music library is on. Question 3: I’m consistantley on the prowl for a new library organizing system. Ive been in the apple family since its inception to home networking. Ive never dealt with a 3rd party software causing me issues with access to my library cause Ive always been apple, that should answer your come across DRM issue … Just coming into the dj field as a drummer everything is coming naturally but frustrated on the access of music to play with. Having built an extensive library of international music and having barely any access is super frustrating. Ive recorded a ton of drum loops myself but I cant apply them to my mix set cause the of DRM restrictions to certain songs.

Probably a bit inconvenient but there are DRM removal software out there that you could use…

Weak, no workarounds or solutions provided. Just a poor company answer that
gives me no confidence in algoriddem staff. This had been an issue for
years on the forum & years of algoriddem dodging a real solution other than
rebuilding your library to their compatible options. implying you can, per
website,“Djay software can seamlessly integrate with music your library
giving you access to millions of tracks.”, is false My library of songs was
most definitely not integrated into the Djay program & ni dont have access
to millions of tracks.

From which platforms are the files coming from causing the DRM issues?

Personally, my tracks are mostly from Beatport, Databeats, Bandcamp, Label Direct, promo mailers, and inflyte. I don’t purchase music on iTunes due to lossless not being an option. Wondering if it’s the iTunes purchases giving you the issues?

You should not be seeing any DRM issues with purchased samples. Not sure how drumloops are giving you DRM flags on the DJay app?

Hi @Cook,

We’re sorry that you feel this way and understand where you’re coming from in regards to library compatibility.

In the same way that a media player such as Quicktime or VLC cannot play a DRM protected video due to licensing and copyright protections imposed by digital video distributors, djay simply cannot play DRM protected tracks imposed by digital music distributors.

While this topic has been spoken of in previous threads, the outcome remains the same in that we have no control over issue and for that we apologize again.

We hope to provide you with the best customer service possible should you have any additional issues in the future. Have a nice day.


Same, I don’t have any DRM tracks in my library either,
I only have one iTunes purchased track and it plays fine…

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A warning on the site that excludes DRMed files might be good for the not so technical people out there though. Apparently they make up a giant chunk of your (potential) customers.

Maybe it’s time to write “FAQ” note about this issue.

Hi @dj_romy_fi @Mister_Tuur,

Our support team has continued to review this thread and is looking into the possibility of creating an FAQ on the matter so that information such as this is conveyed appropriately.

We will update this thread with new information as it comes in.

Happy holidays!

DRM presumption essentially breaks this software and breaches user rights, not ignoring privacy rights of user’s private libraries covered by Fair Use laws.

Fair Use Presumption trumping DRM presumption IS the legal question here.

What tracks are and are not back-taped/ dedicated in satanic rituals, covens, agreements might be our next rubicon.

Any takers ? :joy::joy::joy::kissing:

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