All playlists deleted

Today I started my phone in the morning and there was an error when I opened the djay app, when I clicked continue it deleted all my music playlists as if I am starting from a new application.
Is there a way I can restore my playlists from iCloud, it is supposed to be synchronized on iCloud but I do not know how to do it. I am using iPhone 12 .
Thank you for your help

@Bassem this support article shows you how to recover a backup of your djay Media Library which contains all of your playlists.

@Bassem did that article solve your problem?

I apologize for the delayed response , I browsed the files on my iPhone for under djay backup
But everyone I clicked on these 8 different backups I kept on getting dame message shown in picture below.
I had to recreate the whole playlists again from scratch::frowning:
Hopefully this will not happen again during a djay session.
Thank you again for your quick response

@Bassem sorry that didn’t help.

  1. Have you recently moved these playlists or renamed them on your computer?
  2. Where are these playlists created (iTunes, Tidal, Beatport, etc.)?
  3. If iTunes/Music, did you copy/download the files to your iPhone or are they in iCloud?

Here’s another thread with similar issue that might be helpful.

Hello @Bassem, I just wanted to follow up and see if you are still having this issues or if the suggestions above answered you question. Thanks.

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