Allow an FX Tail when effect gets turned off

I would love it if the FX would get a tail when you turn them off, similar to when you pause a track while an effect is on.

I’ll use echo as an example:

Current behavior

When I turn off the echo effect, the effect is immediately gone, just as if I had turned the dry/wet dial all the way to dry.

Desired behavior

When I turn off the echo effect, the effect plays on with the input it had until that point, the same way as if I had left it on and hit “Pause” or turned down the fader.

This has been suggested before in the old forum: FX Tails instead of cut off

Totally agree. I don’t know why this feature is not implemented.

Thank you for pushing the topic. As some users also want the on off button of the FX to immediately cut off the effect it would be interesting to get some more opinions on the topic. Also feel free to upvote the topic to push the conversation.

If we allow a tail, users who don’t want that can still just turn the “dry/wet” dial all the way to “dry” so there would be no lost functionality.

Looks like this has been implemented with the latest update! :heart_eyes: Thanks so much, Algoriddim developers! :pray: