Analyse and visualize Phrases in the tracks

Analyse and visualize Phrases

Modern DJ Software can help the DJ to find pattern in a track what fit together very well for mixing by visualize Phrases in a track.

The iPhone App “Kittar” from the developer Yamaha Music is a very good Phrase Analysing App. Please install it from Apple App store and play with it to get the idea.

To get the idea how software looks like who use labeled Phrases please look at the video

There are also many tutorials on Youtube how to do Phrase Mixing.

Every DJ Software visualize Beats and Bars in the waveform window but not Phrases.

Most DJ Software sync only beats and Bars but not Phrases

Phrases are very important for mixing and the foundation to much better Automixing.

Djay Pro should visualise Phrases with colored backgroud Segments in the waveform window.

Each Phrase Type (Intro,Verse,Chorus …) should have a own color.

Each Phrase should also have labels

  • Phrase Type (Intro, Verse…
  • Phrase Energy Level (1-10)
  • Phrase BPM (BPM)
  • Phrase Key (1A)

Energy Level, BPM and Key is not fix in all Genres. In Salsa it can change from Phrase to Phrase. Also Volume, Bass, Mids and Hights change from Phrase to Phrase and can be used to decide wich Phrases fit together for mixing.

  • Phrase Volume (dB)
  • Phrase High Level (1-10)
  • Phrase Mid Level (1-10)
  • Phrase Bass Level (1-10)

Mixed in Key meassures Energie Level with high frequencies. If there are much High Hats, the track has higher Energy Level then with less High Hats.

With this data you can improve Automix with rules

Phrase Sync Rules

  • The end of a Phrase in the active track should always be synced with the beginning of following track.


  • the transition should always be finished when new Phrase in following track starts.

The lenght of the transition depend on Phrase lenght, BPM Difference, Key compability and Sync.

If BPM Difference < 6% Then

  • Sync new Track on Phrase End

If Key is compatibel then

  • Transition start 8 Beats before new Phrase starts and finish when new Phrase starts.

Else (if key ist not compatibel)

  • Transition start 4 Beats before new Phrase starts and finish when new Phrase starts.

Else (if not synced)

  • Transition start 1 Beat before new Phrase starts and finish when new Phrase starts.

End if

AutoMixing Rules

Do always a transition from to a higher energy lever or to a higher bassline.

Don’t let the music play nonstop without a break. Let the breakdown play through and don’t mix anything new over it; your audience needs a chance to rest.
Don’t mix from a high intensity section to an intro. You can lose momentum with your audience and bring them down too quickly.
Don’t mix from breakdown 1 into breakdown 2. This might work for a chillout room, but not the dance floor.
Don’t mix from a breakdown into the high intensity section of another song. It might sound too abrupt because it doesn’t give your listeners enough transition time.
The best approach is to let a breakdown play all the way through. When the high intensity portion of the song comes back, you can mix into the normal or high intensity portion of the next song. This will keep your energy going.

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