Can we have phrase analysis?

I read a topic from 2016 asking for phrase analisis and explaining how to implement the feature but never made it to the actual software.
Maybe it was difficult 8 years ago and I can understand it but I think I could be possible now

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Thanks for the suggestion @Alessandro_Barto! I’ve shared this with the dev team for consideration.

I like this suggestion as well.

RekordBox has this Frase Analysis already in it since RB version 5.1.0. and it looks just fine!

You can see a demo here:

Can be also very useful for driving Lights. Check how Rekordbox do it and would be great if you can implement this feature.

could you explain this a bit more?

What are the ‘driving lights’ doing in RB?

Rekordbox integrate features for driving lights through the DMX port on the Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX10 controller or through an external interface. Begin/end of phrases in the tracks can be used for changing the lights.
If Djay Pro integrate such feature, i can imagine that the DMX output can also be handled on a separate interface connected to the computer through the USB port or Lan/Wifi, so doesn’t matter which DJ controller is used. That make sense.

Rekordbox Lightning use with DDJ FLX10