Analysed Tracks All But Missing after Djay Pro 2.2.4 Upgrade

Hello all…

I have a vast library of dance music (over 5,000 tracks) with all track analysed to display their track BMP & Key and Waveforms and then broken up into multiple playlists (100s) for ease of genre selection… I just upgraded to the latest software update and all the analysis is gone… if I go into a playlist where previously all the tracks were 100% analysed, maybe 4 or 5 might have that info now… all others… nothing… as if they were never analysed… has anyone else had the same experience with the recent update…?

I have hourly Timemachine backups… I’m hoping official Algoriddim support can assist in reverting me back to the way things were before this update.

Any comments or suggestions most welcome…


I had to revert everything back to the time before I upgraded the software using my TimeMachine Drobo backup system… and luckily now all is working perfectly as it did before the new software update. Please WARN all Mac Users not to upgrade as they risk losing all their track analysis details.


Hey Anthony,

I’ve moved this topic post to the Bug Reports category so we can track the issue here. Sorry to hear about the trouble you had with the latest update. We haven’t had other reports about this yet, but we’ll keep an eye out. We also received your Support ticket. Thanks again for reaching out about this and we’ll do our best to help you out!

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Cheers Emily… others seem to be having similar issues if you read the comments below. Going back with my Timemachine backups resolved the issue in full for me… but not everyone has backups… thanks again for you reply and hopefully you guys will have a fix soon… as I would like to update for all the other bug fixes that the new version did squash.


Any update on this issue Emily…?

Hi Anthony,

Thanks for reaching out again about this. Unfortunately, I don’t have any updates for you about this as our team wasn’t able to reproduce the issue. I know you’re also in contact with our Support Team via email, and I’d kindly ask that you continue working with our team there to investigate the issue further as it may require more specific details from you. Thanks for your understanding and we’ll do our best to continue helping to troubleshoot this problem!

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