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How can I analyze entire files on IMac - Djay Pro?

Hi @CleanTech,

While djay PRO AI analyzes each track the first time it’s loaded, this can take up computing
resources. You can set up djay Pro AI to analyze your whole music
collection, or even just parts of it, as a batch operation. Navigate to the playlist or folder you
want analyzed, and choose Analyze Songs from the dropdown next to the track count at the
top of the track list window.
Screenshot 2021-02-11 at 10.55.55

NOTE: TIDAL, Beatport/Beatsource tracks can not be pre-analyzed.

TIP: Batch analysis can be quite resource intensive so should be left running while your
computer is free from other tasks. The task might be best left overnight or while you’re
away from your screen.

Hope I could help.

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Unless you are using Tidal…

Then that won’t work. :slight_smile:

Yes I am using Tidal and this situation is not ok, now I have to analyze each file

Yep. It’s extremely painful.
Plus if you analyse in Mac app, metadata will not update in IOS version! Ridiculous
If Alogiriddim have partnered with Tidal, they really need to sit down with their engineers and sort the complaints, of which this is the most common.
Tidal is a poor replacement for Spotify.

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That’s correct, at the moment, TIDAL tracks cannot be analyzed. However, you can upload tracks to the decks to analyze them. People have commented workarounds for this on this thread:

Hi guys @SimonJ @CleanTech,

It is now possible to analyse the TIDAL library! :headphones: :tada:

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That’s wonderful news, thank you so much