How do I analyze tracks in Tidal playlists?

So I just migrated all my playlists from Spotify to Tidal. When I opened up the tidal folder I noticed that none of the tracks had BPM or Key. Every one of those songs had been analyzed automatically when I open those same playlists in Spotify. I tried the analyze tool from the Library dropdown menu. No luck. I am only seeing the BPM/Key when I load the track onto one of the decks. I am already thinking about ditching Djay Pro 2 because Spotify is going away. But that’s another issue entirely. If I can’t have BPMs and Keys with Tidal then I am officially done with Djay Pro 2. Dealbreaker.

This is actually a very clever workaround. If Algoriddim can’t code this as an automatic analysis feature, then they should maybe give us the option of a 1 second max track duration and transition.

But seriously Algoriddim, you could maybe provide this workaround as a batch analysis automation feature, even if it means it can’t be done in the background.

dj Romy fi, if you don’t mind, I’ll highlight your solution on a dedicated post, this will be very useful to Tidal users.

Thanks Lukas for responding. With over 50k tracks and counting in my playlists, this “workaround” would take far too long. Lukas, answer me this: If pre-analysis streaming service playlists is not possible then how is it every track in my Spotify playlist (played in Djay Pro or not) has BPM and Key tags? It’s unfortunate that Spotify has decided to drop it’s streaming service from Djay Pro. I thought perhaps Tidal would be a viable alternative. Tidal doesn’t have user curated playlists. Strike One. The playlists that are available are garbage playlist with weird unsearchable names (example: Search for Trance 2020 turns up nothing in Tidal). Strike Two. And Tidal songs cannot be batch pre-analized in Djay Pro. Strike 3. Tidal is not a viable alternative for my DJ needs.

So my next question is does Algoriddim plan to add this feature to Djay Pro in the near future? Every other DJ app on the market I’ve used has batch analysis of tracks including Camelot Key system tags, which Djay Pro 2 also, sadly, does not offer. 

I am a DJ in Second Life. I don’t get paid to DJ. I do it for fun. I don’t make any money at all. So therefore, it is not a good investment for me to buy tracks.

It was fun working with Djay Pro 2. I really enjoyed the app despite the lack of some features. I really hope Algoriddim can find a way to move forward. 

Djay Pro 2 R.I.P., July 1st, 2020

So, it seems that Algoriddem has added Beatport Link. PERFECT!!! This even better than Spotify. Tidal was trash. I’ve done a trial with the Beatport Link subscription and it’s opened up my music collection like never before. Very happy about this. Welcome Back Djay Pro 2!! Just having one little problem. Sometimes the tracks won’t load into the decks. If I restart Djay Pro the track I previously tried to load loads into the deck just fine, but then it will be another track that won’t load. I’m not having the issue when I try to load the same track from Spotify. I can’t restart Djay Pro 2 during my set for obvious reasons. 

Yes, Key and BPM are pre-analyzed with some mistakes in BPM. if the BPM looks too low, just drop the track into of the decks to re-analyze. There is no color code like Serato, but you can use the song matching feature to find compatible keys if you don’t prefer any of the songs that are matched (hint: the songs in match have keys and BPM too). I would like to see a color coded system in the future to save space in the library view. Beatport Link has different subscription plans, the higher priced ones have the ability to store songs in a “locker” meaning you can have access to the songs in your locker offline, 50 or 100 songs at a time depending on your subscription. I’m using the one without this feature because I only DJ online. The sound quality and loudness is fine for what I do (AAC 128kbps and 256 kbps ). If you need pro audio sound and features I don’t really recommend Djay Pro 2. It’s perfect for the bedroom DJ though.

Part of the problem with Spotify was that some of the tracks were radio versions only, you couldn’t get access to some tracks that were extended dj versions, especially if the tracks were recently released. I play electronic music when I spin. The reason Beatport has 9 million tracks and Spotify has 50 million is Spotify includes all genres of music. You don’t see genres such as metal, rock, jazz, classical, country, etc in Beatport. It is designed exclusively for DJs whereas Spotify is designed for the average music listener. 

I definitely don’t exclude you DJs that play other genres than dance music. I too have DJ’d at weddings and other events, where I don’t mix tracks together. As a dance DJ my needs are different and Tidal is not a viable solution for me personally. 

167 hours, that’s almost a full week of analyzing. And I have a lot more than 15K tracks. I mean, c’mon seriously? That is an acceptable solution? It would take over 3 weeks to analyze my songs from Tidal. And I would have to do this with every new track I add to my library. C’mon Algoriddem! Stop making excuses! 

Hi David, Thank you for getting in touch. Pre analysing streaming service playlists is generally not possible. Your BPM and Key are displayed in Spotify and not in Tidal so far as you already played them from Spotify.

A way around this is playing through a playlist in Automix. We are sorry that we can not provide this feature at the moment.

Did you tried to use automix as suggested. It took a while for me to do 20k songs but 50k… 

Haven’t tested myself yet with Tidal but, what I did with spotify songs: I added all new songs to automix queue.

**Then modified :

  • transition : automatic
  • duration : manual 10 s

Song range:

  • start position : automatic
  • end position : automatic
  • maximum song play duration 30-50s**

This depends a lot how fast internet download you have. I find out that 30-50s was good enough for me to get 95-100% of the songs analyzed, for my avg 40-60 Mbps download speed. Sometimes there were tunes without analyzed info, but those tracks was easy to see on the play history.

And your computer could do the thing while you are sleeping.

And if you thing why the analyzation is slow: songs needs to be downloaded on the background before it can be analyzed. If you use Tidal and FLAC, you gonna need fiber network connection.

Currently analyzing about 15000 tidal tunes. Will take about 167h :smiley:

Check the preferences: “Maximum song play duration”

Not all of us are spinning only dance music. I’m more like all around dj, including on my sets rock, heavy/metal, blues, so radio edits are just fine for those genres.

Yeah, I don’t mind at all :slight_smile:

Exactly… a DJ plays for their audience. So guess what? If I have only blue/jazz crowd. I’ll be the best mixologist in that genre for that event. And yep I’m still a DJ…

I agree, big big mistake ditching Spotify! What idea is behind that? Jay Z paying you more? There are smart and there are dumb business moves. I’m ditching djay pro too if you follow through.

Sorry algoriddim, I revoke my previous post, seems like Spotify is the villain in this story!

how did you set song duration? I dont see that option on automix?

Hi - do the Beatport Link tracks already have the key analysed and the BPM etc? Having key visible (and colour coded like Serato) is crucial for DJs. Do you find Beatport has the same volume of tracks as Tidal/Spotify David?