Android support for Hercules Starlight

Thanks for your great software.

Is there any possible way to get this controller to work with Android? I can see the list of currently supported controllers so know which ones are, I guess I am desperate to make this work as it is the most portable controller I can find which in my opinion sets it apart from the others that are currently supported.

I can see it is supported for iOS which is great but I don’t own any apple products and don’t intend to buy any. Having support for this controller would be a really useful feature that I would be happy to pay for, I know others have mentioned similar requests, personally I would pay £20 upgrade to be able to get my controller to work and I am sure many others would too (it’s great that the app is free on android, i’d love the opportunity to pay more to get this to work).

Anyway, I am sure you have many things in the pipeline but would be great if you would bare this in mind.

Are there any plans to add more controllers to Android? Is something like this already in the pipeline?

Thanks again for your product.

We all hoping for the same mate, how they can support IOS and not android its just a midi to implement


Can you make a mapping for Hercules Starlight on android device ? or a native support

thanks for help