📣 ANNOUNCEMENT: djay Mac/iOS v5.0.4, djay Windows 5.0.6439.0 [Changelog]

We just released a new update for djay on Mac, iOS, and Windows. Take a look at the release notes below for more information.

  • Added a standard Fade transition to Crossfader FX
  • Improved auto transition to not apply any effect if Crossfader FX is turned off
  • Improved Filter Crossfader FX
  • Improved Complex Reverb FX with a longer tail
  • Improved Sync behavior
  • Fixed sync being disengaged when scratching on some MIDI controllers
  • Fixed Neural Mix routing of FX not being persisted across launches
  • Fixed issue adding folders to Files source on iOS 15 (iOS only)
  • Fixed audio channel changes sometimes not being applied (iOS only)
  • Bugfixes and improvements

Happy mixing!


Just tried the auto transition by moving the crossfader and it doesnt work now. FX crossfader has to be ticked on still. I thought there was going to be an update where we could still use autoplay transition when crossfader gets moved without ticking crossfader fx?

Just with tempo blend ticked on, it doesnt do autoplay when moving crossfader. I have sync and tempo blend selected in general settings.

Using MacOS

@MrG, please go to Settings>General and enable this

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Hey @Slak_Jaw yes that is turned on but still no change. It only activates auto play when moving crossfader if the crossfader fx button is on.

Hi @MrG, that sounds like expected behaviour. Perhaps this post will be helpful


djay Pro does not work like that anymore. This is how 5.0 works now:

  • Manual and Automatic Crossfades (Left, Right, Inactive Transitions) use the standard Crossfader Curve (see jpg below).
  • If Crossfader FX are ON, Manual and Automatic Crossfades will use the Crossfader FX.
  • If Automix is ON, Automatic Crossfades will use the Automix settings and Manual Crossfades will use the Crossfader Curve or Crossfader FX (depending on whether Crossfader FX are on/off).

Standard Crossfader Curve
Screenshot 2024-01-24 at 2.49.07 AM

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Auto-Play When Moving Crossfader
This setting:

  • only affects Manual crossfades
  • it has no effect on Automatic crossfades (Left, Right, Inactive Transitions) because … Automatic crossfades always Auto-Play the inactive deck.


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I have no clue what i was thinking. I got it figured out now. Thank you @Slak_Jaw !

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Thanks @Michael_Wisniewski it makes sense now an works as expected!

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You’re welcome @MrG

Thanks for the additional explanation @Michael_Wisniewski


Ok so i have had two crashes so far. Both made Djay close completely. Both times were during transitions. First time was when i clicked the right arrow keyboard button and second time was manual transition using the mouse to drag the crossfader to the left deck (not back to back).

I saved both reports if needed.

Just had my 3rd crash on this new djay version.

This time it was random, no transition going on. It closed djay completely.

And again a 4th time.

Hi @MrG,

On both of the affected devices could you please either tap on the “Contact Support” button in djay for iOS/Android or “Share Feedback” button on djay for Mac/Windows so that we can retrieve your djay user ID?

This will allow us to find any potential crash reports your devices have sent to our database for further review by our engineering team.


Should i attach the reports as well? I copied and pasted them in a document. Maybe paste them in the subject space under share feedback?

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