📣 ANNOUNCEMENT: djay version 5.2 for macOS/iOS/Android and djay version 5.2.9604.0 for Windows

Hi @David_Lane,

Thanks for sharing that additional information.

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This video might be useful.

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In testing, I reached the conclusions. significant improvement in neural, with my mac m2 it was perfect even without analyzing the tracks. using phase DJ, I practice using hid. opportunities. I’m using my Traktor Kontrol Z2, it asked for the configuration of the LEDs in relation to the previous version. When mixing, the pitch improved, but it still doesn’t give me confidence in longer mixes, above 3 compacs it starts to go out of BPM, that slowness in the image oscillation if bpm bothers me a lot, using traktor or virtual dj when I’m mixing when it equals the If you hit your ear, it’s difficult to get the beats out. another suggestion would be to insert another decimal place in the BPM to make the mix even more interesting. However, I’m enjoying seeing the developments, I believe it has everything it needs to dominate the market.

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Thanks for that

But that method would have limitations - My smartcrates are inside my desktop Serato folder

Last thing I need is serato going sideways because of this.

I will wait on further improvements to the process.

Virtual DJ is able to read the crates (external SSD)


FLX10 Djay integration is brilliant. The screen works as well. Though no waveforms. But it’s good :+1:t5:

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Well done Algoriddim!

I’m super stoked to be able to use my Flx10 with Djay Pro this summer. And it’s definitely a step up from the mapping for the DDJ-1000.

More onscreen info would have been great but since I’m using the controller with my Macbook Pro anyways, it’s not a huge issue as I have the waveforms there. And of course I would have loved to have had access to the native Pioneer fx in the (standalone?) mixer section of the Flx10, but understand that is not possible at this time.

For me, the cherry on the sunday was being able to use the parts/stems buttons and have access to better sounding stems than Rekordbox currently offers.

Congrats to all who made this update possible!!! :clap:


Thanks for the positive feedback @djantona. I’ve passed this onto the team :smiley: