📣 ANNOUNCEMENT: djay version 5.2 for macOS/iOS/Android and djay version 5.2.9604.0 for Windows

Hi everyone,

We’re happy to share the latest version of djay, v5.2, which includes many user-requested improvements, such as new hardware and UI updates. Please see the changelog listed below for more information.

• Added support for Arm-based Windows devices, including Copilot+ PCs (on Windows)
• Introducing Neural Mix 2.0: supreme quality now available on Arm-based Windows devices (on Windows)
• Introducing the new light mode: a stunning all-white user interface option (on Mac)
• Support for Reloop Mixtour Pro, designed in collaboration with DJ & producer Laidback Luke
• Support for Phase, native plug-and-play via USB/HID (Mac, Windows)
• Support for Hercules DJControl Inpulse T7 (Mac, iOS, Windows)
• Support for Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX10, DDJ-REV5, XDJ-RX3, PLX-CRS12 (Mac, iOS, Windows)
• Support for AlphaTheta Omnis Duo (Mac, iOS, Windows)
• Support for RANE FOUR (Mac, Windows)
• Support for Denon Prime Go, SC LIVE 2, SC LIVE 4 (Mac, iOS, Windows)
• Support for Numark Mixstream Pro (Mac, iOS, Windows)
• Crossfader FX is now available on external mixers and all DJ controllers
• New “Drum Cut” Crossfader FX: ideal for seamlessly mixing and scratching tracks without clashing harmonies
• Loop adjust mode: dynamically adjust loop in and out points using waveforms or jog wheels on various DJ controllers (via Loop In/Out Move actions)
• FX BPM Tapping: support for tapping FX BPM on various DJ controllers
• Streaming integration: Beatport and Beatsource now available (Android)
• New Hardware View Mode: Optimized for portrait orientation use with external controllers (on iPhone/iPad)
• Track Display with Library open: track display stays visible when opening the library in iPhone Pro landscape mode
• Neural Mix multi-track waveforms: available across all waveform views (on iPhone/iPad)
• Dynamic Watch Folders: Auto-import files from specified Finder locations to My Collection (on Mac)
• Added support for importing Crates into My Collection (on Mac)
• Keyboard Shortcuts: New “Open Format DJ” set (on Mac)
• New Sync Setting: option to automatically reset tempo when turning sync off
• Video Transition: New Cut50 transition (on Mac/iOS)

• Recording Indicator: the djay icon at the top center now reflects the recording state when active (on iOS)
• CUE Button: Start Cue can now be set directly after loading a track without playing it
• Waveform Zoom: improved default zoom factor value
• BPM Calculation: improved calculation of overall BPM for tracks with BPM change
• EQ/NM Settings: switching between EQ and Neural Mix EQ no longer resets the EQs
• Deck Selection: improved active deck selection when using Sync, Match, or History with DJ controllers or external mixer mode
• MIDI Actions: improved MIDI actions for selecting view modes and configuring Crossfader FX
• DVS Setting: the “Resume sync after pause, scratch, or cue jump” setting can now be applied when using DVS
• Missing File Utility: enhanced support for automatically searching for replacement files (on Mac)
• Search Field: increased width (on Mac)
• Window bar icons: adjusted icon positions and moved the sampler to the left for consistency (on Mac)
• Function Key Mapping: keyboard shortcuts can now map to F1-F12 function keys (on Mac)
• Library Source Selection: Added support for selecting the library source for Match (on Mac)
• Apple Music: Added color column and filter option (on Mac)
• Library Sidebar and Automix Panel: re-added the ability to show both simultaneously (on Mac)
• Tempo Sliders: indicate active pickup mode (on Windows)
• Vocal Cut & Drum Cut Crossfader FX: now also available when no MIDI controller is attached
• Motorized Controllers: improved support for Rane ONE and Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV7 platters
• Denon X1850 Prime: now receives BPM for the FX unit
• Traktor Kontrol S3: improved support for the FX section

• Sync while looping an uneven number of beats now works correctly
• Very small loop regions now get deactivated correctly when jumping out of them
• When scratching during bounce loop, the playhead now correctly jumps forward when releasing the loop
• Using the loop X/Y pad now behaves correctly when a loop is already active
• Using auto-cut crossfader with active Crossfader FX now behaves correctly
• Fixed headroom setting sometimes not being applied correctly after launch
• Fixed smart playlist filters sometimes not working correctly when filtering for BPM (on Mac)
• Fixed sorting by Label was not applied correctly (on Mac)
• Fixed possible flickering of Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX performance pad LEDs
• Various bug fixes and improvements

We encourage you to watch our newest walkthrough video of the v5.2 update on YouTube made by DJ Angelo linked below.

Additionally, our DJ Gear page has been updated to reflect these changes as well.

Happy mixing!


Great job on Rev 5 mapping. Works a treat. I did some additional mapping tweaks :sunglasses::fire::sunglasses:


Thank you so much for fixing “Resume sync after pause, scratch, or cue jump” with DVS! It works beautifully!


Awesome! Quick question about Phase HID mode in this new version: Mojaxx says that Phase HID is only available for Mac for now (https://youtu.be/EeqnaNm3xLw?t=102), but this post says it’s available for both Mac and Windows. Which is correct?


Hi @L-Train,

Mac and Windows is correct!

Thanks for asking for confirmation.

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I need iOS support for these controllers RANE PERFORMER & the RANE 4 so I can use it as a back up for my main computer and thank you for letting it work with my next stream pro and the FLX10

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Rane four and performer are non class compliant usb so don’t work with iOS. Nothing djay can do about that one.


Exciting update!! With a few questions!.. of course. haha

The Rane Four. The FX don’t seem to be mapped or maybe I’m missing something?

Hi !
very gooooooood news for the Prime Go mapping ! congrats !
but as Scott1, the FX section seems not be mapped… i guess you didn’t find the best way to map it no?

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No light mode for iOS? iPads/iPhone are more likely to be used outside in daylight where this is most useful.


Hardware unlock mode no longer works with Reloop Mixtour, cancelling the pro subscription box takes you back to starter mode- very frustrating!

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I thought that my eyes blury once I have read that!!
I ran to check…and its true! Unfortunately, it not work as should be, but I know you will fix it.
That was my dream! And I think, lot of dj who use external mixer are very happy now.

Thank you team!


Pioneer FLX10:

Auto BPM section Beat FX, also doesn’t work

If you turn on auto gain and Auto Limit the Second line is extremely louder than the other One

The Sound Color Fx doesn’t work

And the Beat FX for ex. Slip Roll sounds very very bad

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Just want to say a BIG THANK YOU for all these latest updates, innovation and amazing support!

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So happy for the T7 Support! anyone still waiting on the 5.2 update to hit the actual app store on your ipad? do i need to completely delete the 5.1.7 version to see the update? I dont want to lose any settings and have to start all over lol, thanks!

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never mind, popped up as i was typing lol


This feature is for external mixers with a midi mappable xfader right?

great update! thank you for your hard work! ^^ :v:


Con la actualización el control pioneer sx2 tiene problemas con los pads se pulsa solo el pad 7 del deck 1, ¿alguien mas con este fallo?