📣 ANNOUNCEMENT: Updates to djay, Neural Mix, and TIDAL!

I would think it’s more challenging without the ai chip.

I know that Intel Mac’s only give 80% stem quality co later to the M series Mac’s and ipads


On another note, are we going to be able to mix Tidal tracks and tracks from other sources in our My Collection playlists again and are we going to be able to load them on the deck at the same time as songs from other sources? (problem outlined here: Neural Mix and Tidal don’t work together anymore - #119 by gravitybass)

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You can do this now.

we were told app was submitted to Apple before the 10th, it’s now almost a week later. What is the delay? I am paying for DJ add on in tidal and not able to use it the way it is intended. Patient at first, this is getting to be too long. VDJ, serato have all updated (on the very first day) to support.

What’s interesting is that when I use a controller and have the neural EQ turned off on a tidal song, it will still sometimes work. I am not sure why, but the neural mix still applies from the previous song which was in the deck (previous song was not from tidal).

Either way the point is that it probably isn’t hard to just turn it back on….its been available before.

The ambiguity and delays with DJAY is really hurting its ability to be adapted. You guys need to scale up and get out of your own way!


I might be wrong @avi530 but I think Serato can directly update their software whereas Algoriddim need to go through the Apple app store (unlike other DJ software) so it’s probably a case of waiting on Apple’s verification process. They review software to make sure that it’s safe for iOS users to install, which is good from a user perspective but takes extra time compared to non-iOS software (and Android software?)

It’s frustrating for us, I’m sure it’s frustrating for Algoriddim, but it’s just one of those things. I’m sure the wait will be worth it :smiley:


That makes sense, but typically the Apple review process takes 24-48 hours… not a week

When I was beta testing for dj player pro we were told it was around a week. That was a few years ago though. If that is an accurate reflection then tomorrow or Thursday we should see something.


The lack of communication and transparency about this is really lame. This kind of thing is why more DJ’s don’t use DJay Pro. We need stability. Such a bummer because your software is so much better than the competition.


I think this criticism is a bit harsh.
Labelling this excellent piece of software because they are a bit behind on being able to use stems with Tidal is a bit of a stretch don’t you think?

As Dj’s we should all have our own music and rely on that first then rely on Streaming services second, We have seen how easily these Streaming services can drop out of Dj software in the past so that alone should be wake up call.

Streaming services should be a supplement to your library, not the main source…

Sorry for the rant but I see too many people criticise Djay for such small inconveniences, Yes sure criticise them when the software crashes unexpectedly but you must give them a break…


Why must I give them a break for not communicating to their users? Serato’s stems worked with tidal as soon as the dj version dropped



@allentastic it’s been submitted and waiting for approval…

Hello everyone. djay 5.1.5 has completed the approval process. Depending on your region, it should be available now or very soon. Thanks again for your patience and sorry for the delay.



Very cool update. Love it :heart:


Thanks for the alert that the newupdate is here. I’m happy to see tidal Stems support and it seems to be working well. Also great to see a lot of tidal songs have BPM metadata already available without need to analyze song.

Hi everyone, we are releasing the v5.1.5 update today. Please see the topic below for more information!

Have a good day!


Hi @allentastic, just following up to ensure you got the news about the TIDAL update release.

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Hello everyone, we’ve discovered a bug with mp3 files loaded via “Local Music” not loading properly in djay 5.1.5 for iOS. The engineering team has identified the issue and is already working on a fix. In the meantime, if you have an important gig coming up and rely on local music mp3 files, please hold off on updating to 5.1.5. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for understanding.


Sure did, it seems to work great so far! Sorry for being a Karen, I just really love this software and have been using Serato for the past couple of months and been miserable :frowning:


Hello again everyone. We’ve submitted a 5.1.6 update for iOS only and requested an expedited review, which hopefully means the update will go live within the next couple of hours (it will be released automatically once it was approved). Thanks!