📣 ANNOUNCEMENT: djay v5.1.5 macOS/iOS/Android, v5.1.8144.0 Windows [Changelog]

App update: we are rolling out the v5.1.5 update throughout today with a big update for TIDAL users: Neural Mix is coming back for TIDAL tracks via the new TIDAL DJ Extension (which will be required to use TIDAL with DJ apps going forward), and many more changes including Apple Music playlist editing. Here’s the full change log.


  • Apple Music playlist editing – create and add to Apple Music playlists right from within djay (macOS/iOS only)
  • Integrated new TIDAL DJ Extension – enhanced features, including support for Neural Mix (and Lossless Sound on macOS/iOS)
  • Expanded Crossfade FX – introducing Echo and Riser
  • Shuffle Crossfade FX option – let djay intelligently select the next Crossfade FX for you
  • Target BPM – insert BPM value numerically to adjust tempo per deck (via Tempo/BPM popover)


  • Added MIDI actions to skip more than four beats
  • Auto pre-cueing select now also respects line fader positions when picking an inactive deck
  • Detail waveforms now visualize nested loops (e.g. when triggering slicer or bounce loop within an active loop) (macOS/iOS only)
  • Quantized jump to cue point never misses a beat when triggered slightly after the target beat
  • Updated Crossfade FX icons and list


  • Saved loops no longer get deactivated when triggering a bounce loop before reaching the saved loop
  • Automatically re-sync BPM after dynamic BPM changes (with “Sync BPM only” setting enabled)
  • Track repeat re-syncs properly at the end of the track if sync is active
  • Improved waveform colors drawing for 48 kHz sample rate (macOS/iOS only)
  • Fixed adding downbeat anchor not working for subsequent anchors (Windows/Android only)
  • Fixed case where switching DVS to INT stopped music
  • Fixed filtering tracks by rating or play count not working correctly in some cases (macOS/iOS only)
  • Fixed reading of Ogg Vorbis file metadata
  • Fixed Single Deck mode, sometimes showing inactive deck when using Automix (macOS only)
  • Various bugfixes and improvements

So glad to see Apple Music playlist editing added! Thanks for tackling that so quickly.


Not so great for Windows users though. It’s now even further behind the MacOS/iOS versions than it was previously. :disappointed:


I’m in France Europe, and don’t see the update in the App Store yet. Any idea why?

Please be patient. Different regions receive the updates at different times. You should be able to download it within the next day or so.


I downloaded it and now I cannot load a track on the left deck.

@Nubium, please close djay and perform a Force Restart of your iOS device.

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Super stoked about target bpm for syncing and the quantize cue jump fix.

2 very big deals for me and I’d have to guess many others.

Obviously amazing to have stems back in tidal but we knew that was coming. But those other 2 unexpected updates really solidify my decision to switch to Djay and give me a huge sigh of relief moving forward.

Well played guys. Well played.


This is a master tempo update I hope.

Haven’t had a chance to check it out yet because I’m working.

If it’s not, I hope that’s next cuz that’s really what I’m hoping for:)

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Hello everyone, we’ve discovered a bug with mp3 files loaded via “Local Music” not loading properly in djay 5.1.5 for iOS. The engineering team has identified the issue and is already working on a fix. In the meantime, if you have an important gig coming up and rely on local music mp3 files, please hold off on updating to 5.1.5. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for understanding.

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I had an iPad backup so tried to restore from that backup but now my iPad is trying to download the latest version from App Store, not using my backup. Is there anyway that you guys can only make 5.1.4 available otherwise I’m stuck with 5.1.5 and can’t do anything with it.

Turn off automatic updates in your iOS settings.

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they are. I’ll try and explain again. I had a backup on my Mac so I restored my iPad from my backup, but for some reason my iPad isn’t loading djay app from my Mac is will only download from App Store.

Unfortunately, there is no way for us to make 5.1.4 available for download. The only option to rollback to a previous version is via a full system backup. Not sure what happened with your backup or how to fix it. Sorry.

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I am chatting with apple now about the backup. To be honest, this could be a good thing because in future if I had a gig tonight and had backed up, I still would not be able to get back to the version before so I’m working it out now when it’s not an emergency.


Perfect. I was going to suggest that you contact Apple
Support regarding the backup.

Hello again everyone. We’ve submitted a 5.1.6 update for iOS only and requested an expedited review, which hopefully means the update will go live within the next couple of hours (it will be released automatically once it was approved). Thanks!


they are not v helpful. having difficultly trying to find out if the old version of the app is part of the backup.

great news. a question though.

my chatting with apple support now, and they are saying this

“Checking with the resources, the app data might have backed up to the computer, however we cannot assure with the data when you restore the app, to get the information and to get the previous version of the app you may requited to contact the app developer as apple has no access to check the previous version of third party apps.”

so how can we test an update safely if apple are saying this/?