Any way to get stems back on Tidal?

Hi, I don’t know why these licenses suddenly do not support stems. But there’s many stem software out there, so why bother skipping it from DJay software? IS there any pressure from Serato, DJayPro etc. to get stem functionality back with Tidal? Anything we can do to help get it back?

Other than owning your own music, no there’s no way around it unless you have a back up of Djay 4

But this should be a wake up call to all dj’s that streaming isn’t the future,
I learnt that when Spotify decided to stop supporting all dj software…

I have always owned my own music and although I do have a Tidal account,
I only use that for emergency requests…

The release of Apple Music support comes with no stems as well…

This has nothing to do with the update; it didn’t work in the previous version either.

Streaming not only means accessing the catalogs of popular providers such as Spotify or TIDAL, but also being able to access your purchased tracks online. Streaming will also become increasingly important for DJs, and it won’t be long before it becomes the standard in this segment too.

Tidal stems still works on previous versions prior to 5.0,
I have an older iPad that hasn’t been updated and l can use stems with Tidal,

I don’t think it will be the future for djaying,

There’s just too many variables that are out of a djays control to be able to rely on streaming services,

Things such as internet availability and the actual streaming companies chopping and changing their policies as well…

As l said, after watching what happened with Spotify, there’s no way l could give up my own music to rely on a streaming service…
Been Djaying since 84’ and never relied on a streaming service since then and certainly won’t rely on one now

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Would’ve been pretty epic in '84. You sure would have attracted a bit of attention. :wink:


I don’t know how this was implemented technically, but for me and many others it stopped working at some point, even with version 4. So I think it’s only a matter of time for you too.

Similar arguments were made at the time when services such as Spotify or Napster came onto the market with their streaming services. And now look at where we are today. Why should things be any different here? Of course, the variables you described cannot be ignored, but something can always happen. And in the end, for most users the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

That would also have been difficult in 1984 … :wink: I’ve been doing this for over 30 years now and in that time I’ve also experienced a few changes in technology, such as the switch from vinyl to CD and later to MP3. All things I said at the time that I would never use. After a few years, it became the norm, even for me. Times change, and new technologies also bring new opportunities. Streaming is no different, and it’s not just about services like Spotify, you can also do it with your own music. And so I believe that one day you’ll see it differently too. :wink:

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Yes you are correct, I skipped the whole cd format and up until probably 8 years ago, I was still spinning vinyl,
The main reason I stopped was the weight, damn a crate a 80 records can weigh 20Kgs!
I tend to play an older style of music so there isn’t a real need for me to purchase new music,
I have over the years had my record collection professionally converted to FLAC which I then converted to Mp3 to save space, to my ears and I don’t play at huge festivals on huge sound systems, the sound/ quality difference is negligible…
I have also purchased more older music that I didn’t have on vinyl as well…
I have also downloaded “shared” files with other djays that play my style of music and we all share and swap…

I did like Spotify because it had a huge catalogue of music of all styles, Tidal is probably second but a far away second in comparison…
Beatsource doesn’t really have the catalogue of music that I play so it’s not really an option for me,
I’m not sure about Apple Music so I can’t comment.

I will until I stop playing djaying keep playing my own music as I know it’s as foolproof as possible

But have you ever thought about the technology you have today and if you could go back in time and use it then!

For me, Stems is one of the biggest game changers, the ability to be able to make your own djay friendly edit on the fly is midn blowing,
Yeah sure using Sync is a pretty cool function but I guess I was always able to beat match by ear so it’s not something I couldn’t do, it just made it easier, but removing a Vocal and Harmony instantly at the touch of a button is incredible

Yeah. I remember fantasizing about this with a friend eons ago. Even better than the move to EQ per channel (yup, I’m old skool too). :wink:

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I wouldn’t be too sure about that. It’s app side. I know people running an ancient DJAY version because of Spotify.

I have merely reproduced how I myself, as well as others, have experienced it. When the topic came up back then, I was able to continue using Neural Mix with Tidal for a few weeks until it suddenly stopped working from one day to the next, and version 5 hadn’t even been released at the time.
It was different with Spotify, where at some point the corresponding menu item was simply no longer available. And as long as you didn’t update it, you could continue to use it with Djay until today.

I agree it was a strange situation. Somehow some people got the popup where others using the same version could still use stems until a later update. Well, whatever. :man_shrugging:t2:

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The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.

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This can now be done

Now available on djay 5.1.5 or higher: