App Crashing with SoundCloud after iOS update

I was using the music library provided within the app for the first time and noticed that it crashed twice after 15 minutes. I’ve always used the SoundCloud streaming before but wanted to mix with some of the tracks already integrated within the application. I know there was a new update also, can you give me some tips? I have the very latest update on both the application and my iPad.


Hello, I have the same problem with my iPad…
Everything is OK in terms of updates and subscriptions with SoundCloud Go plus…
After a few moments of manipulation, with my controller, Hercule DJ Control mix the application crashes without warning…
Forced to restart it and start from scratch…
Help Me please I have a party to do Saturday night

Bonjour, j’ai le même problème avec mon iPad…
Tout est OK au niveau des mises à jour et des abonnements avec SoundCloud Go plus…
Au bout de quelques instants de manipulation, avec mon contrôleur, Hercule DJ Control mix l’application crash sans prévenir…
Obligé de la relancer et de recommencer à zéro…
Help Me please j’ai une soirée à faire samedi soir…:pray:t3::crossed_fingers:t3:

I have the Hercules impulse 500 I have reached out to support.

When does the application crash for you??
I think that when I use effects a lot and a lot of fast transitions it crashes!?
And you?? Can you describe to me how this product works for you?

À quel moment l’application crash chez vous ??
Moi je pense que lorsque j’utilise beaucoup les effets et beaucoup de transition rapide ça crash !?
Et vous?? Pouvez-vous me décrire comment cela ce produit chez vous??

same problem here, it started today

Hello everyone,

Thanks for reporting this. I’m already discussing it with the engineering team and will report back here when I have more news. In the meantime, I recommend the following:

  1. Log out of SoundCloud from within djay Pro.
  2. Close djay Pro.
  3. Log out of the SoundCloud App on your iOS device if you are using it.
  4. Disconnect any controllers and cables.
  5. Backup your iOS device to iCloud or iTunes/Music on your laptop.
  6. Update your iOS to the latest version.
  7. Update djay Pro to the latest version.
  8. Perform a Forced Restart of your iOS device.
    a. Force restart iPad - Apple Support
    b. Force restart iPhone - Apple Support
  9. Open djay Pro and log back into SoundCloud and retest.


Should this be done even if we have the latest update on IOS and djay pro
app? I mean what do you suggest just logging out of SoundCloud and logging
back in?

If you’re already on the latest iOS and djay version, I still recommend you perform all of the other steps except the iCloud/iTunes backup.

@Carla_Spence, @Chanterie_Julien and @Chanterie_Julien,

  1. Can you all please confirm if the crashes only occur when using SoundCloud?
  2. Do you still have crashes if you log out of SoundCloud within djay?
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Yes i think
I think crash when use a Neural Mix or Neural FX…?


Yes I think when I use a neural fx or neural mix….
Within SoundCloud…

Envoyé de mon iPhone

Mine crashed twice yesterday when I was logged into SoundCloud. It just
stopped while I was musing and went to the Home Screen. Even though I was
logged into SoundCloud I was using the downloaded music in the app.

Mine crashed twice yesterday when I was logged into SoundCloud. It just
stopped while I was musing and went to the Home Screen. Even though I was
logged into SoundCloud I was using the downloaded music in the app.

Which iPad do you have?

6th generation and just happened again.


Happening twice tonight for me too iPad Pro 3rd gen

Hi Carla, The issue appears to be affecting Version 5.1.1 and has been diagnosed and it should be fixed very soon with another update.
Can you confirm that you have Version 5.1.1?

Also I might add that although it might work with a Gen 6, you will probably be running the iPad at maximum memory capacity and will find that it might be a bit laggy especially when using Neural mix…

I found that with my Gen 7 and upgraded to a Gen 9 which although works quite well, I feel that that too will need upgrading since the release of Version 5

Hello everyone. I’m happy to report that 5.1.2 has officially been released. Please update and let me know if this fixes your issue. Thanks.

Hi, yes I have the latest version and my memory is not near capacity. I use my iPad solely for mixing.

Carla Spence

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It is not giving me an option to update yet.

Carla Spence