Apple Music - Changed from Multiple Track Analysis to Single?

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  • Device model: MacPro 12Core (Mid 2010) with 1TB SSD, 128GB RAM & RX580 8GB Graphics Card
  • Version of operating system: macOS Monterey 12.7.3
  • Version of djay: 5.1.3
  • Hardware/controllers used: Pioneer DDJ1000

Summary of the issue:
When I was using Djay Pro 5.1.2 I would get multiple track analysis when I would analyse a playlist full of any number of tracks… now every playlist I try and analyze I only get track analysis one by one by one. Also before I posted about the fact if I analysed a playlist in full and then went back to re-analyse again, it would seem to re-analyse specific tracks all over again… as if they need to be re-analysed, but they had already been analysed… that issue is still happening in this new 5.1.3 update… but even more annoying now is the single analysis as it sooo slow with large playlists are over 1,000 tracks long.

How to reproduce the issue:
If I select any playlists, old or new, it happens.

I can not reproduce this issue (M1 Macbook). But maybe you Mac is not strong enough (2010 little old)? So Djay Pro says i only use one core of the CPU, so the system will be more stable for music playling?

Hi there, there is another topic on this with Apple Music. Algoriddim team said it’s not a bug but intentional to have Tidal and Apple analyse one at a time.

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Thanks for sharing, if thats true I’m not going to update for 5.1.3 until not fix this.

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12 Core Mac Pro is timeless, I’m regret to sold my own one.

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But everything was working perfectly with the same MacPro 12 Core in 5.1.2 ? But you are 100% right, my MacPro 12 Core (2010) is very old, but my machine is still a beast with all the upgrades I have made to it over the years, and it does what I need it to do.

Hey @Dysfunk_DJ and thanks for your input, can you point me to this other Topic that relates to singular analysis for Apple and TIDAL tracks…? I have searched for it in the Community and I’m getting no matches…?


This is one of them.

And another here with official feedback from Algoriddim team

I hope they can get it back to multiple at once. Was much better but it appears there are limitations.

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