Apple Music for djay pro

Integration Apple Music in djay Pro

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If MegaSeg does this, there’s no reason for others to do it.

Besides that MegaSeg is intended for broadcast so if it was actually an illegal integration, Apple or content owners would have requested MegaSeg to remove the feature and would have sued them if they didn’t.

Well I didn’t say one could do anything he wants with music coming from subscription services or even his own local library (stream it, broadcast it etc…). Of course you need a licence for that. Content owners and authors deserve rights to their creations.

What I’m just saying is : support of Apple Music on MegaSeg illustrates the fact that any piece of software that is normally designed for broadcasting, Pro djing can integrate this feature without being sued or requested to remove it.

The rights and licensing should be managed the same way as they are currently managed when a DJ plays a track through his local library.

People can technically already broadcast, mix and even record Apple Music or Spotify music publicly illegally whether they use DJing software or the official app of the streaming service.

Streaming or local library shouldn’t change anything to the way you manage the licensing. For me it’s just another type of media.

I just hope licensing is not just a public excuse from djing software companies (not Algoriddim in particular) to not include the feature until they find an agreement where they’re monetizing the integration. Just as what happens with hardware support and sound cards DVS support.

This kind of business model is a lose-lose situation that should not be replicated. Of course those companies need money, things don’t get coded by themselves. But a preferable business model would be one that gives choice to the customer and the customer possibly pays more as he gets more features. I would definitely pay more to buy Djay Pro or Traktor Pro, or Serato with Apple Music integration.

Indeed, I just downloaded the demo for MegaSeg and it plays my Apple Music files.

Please add Youtube Red Video & Youtube Red Music capabilities to Djay Pro.

Since Apple Music won’t budge , , , then let’s create a backdoor to satisfy DJay Pro customers who purchased the software.

Start negotiating with Youtube and I’m pretty sure they would be more than willing to partner with Algoriddim & DJay Pro Software.

But this is also the case with Spotify, isn’t it? Surely Apple could build an API to support third party apps

Does this open the door for Spotify type integration?…

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Hi there,
is it planned to integrate Apple Music?

Unfortunately there is currently no way for 3rd-party apps such as djay to play songs from Apple Music. If we have any news on that, we’ll let you know!

Yup Asaph please

That’s a good idea.
With two of the most powerful platforms of streaming, algoriddim’s djay will be one of the best softwares to digital djing.

Please comment and share to make it possible

Apple music integration

[Survey about apple music integration](http://<a href=)

Survey about apple music integration

Survey about apple music integration

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bring it

Barking up the wrong tree I’d assume.

As said the problem lies within Apple Music NOT Djay Pro.