Apple Music Integration - Error Code: 429

You’re not getting an error code 429 when using Apple Music then (which is the topic of this thread)?

If you have a different issue, you should have made a new post.

Also, it helps to provide as much info as possible about your setup. Mac, PC, iOS, Android? Operating system? External hardware (controller, audio interface)? What format are the song files? Where are they playing from? Are you using a streaming service?

Sorry meant to say yes i am getting the 429 error too in conjunction with the scrolling through off all the songs without playing any. Perhaps the problem is linked?

I am using Itunes and using an Ipad Pro with upto date software on both counts

I had this happen to me the other day, but it hasn’t happened since. At first, I thought I was analyzing the music, Then it seemed like a glitch.

Just happened here at work (2/20/24, 1pm) and also this past weekend. I waited a few minutes then everything worked fine, had to close out of the app though and analyze the remaining songs.

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Thanks for the additional information @DJCP

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iPhone 14 iOS 17.3.1, automix playlist Apple Music. This happens with me using Cellular or Wi-Fi, doesn’t matter. Tried it again this morning, it did the same thing. So I got out of automix, went onto the pro side, and selected a song, and I got an Error Code: 429. So there must be a processing issue between Apple Music and DJ. Hopefully they get this fixed and make it more solid. It did go away after a couple minutes. So, like I’ve said, before, I don’t know what’s going on. lol

I’m seeing the same thing, with a gig in a few hours. Should have analyzed sooner! It didn’t occur to me that this type of limit would even be a thing. Every magic apple is laced with a bit of something.

djay pro: 5.1.2
OS: Sonoma 14.3.1
Songs in playlist: 185, 200, 200, etc.
Songs analyzed before error? Not sure but seems consistent with other reports of 100ish.

You can analyze ~100 and then have to wait 5-10 minutes without being able to play or analyze music.

Same issue and on the newest Djay pro 5.1.2 update. Wish they were still with Spotify cuz didn’t have these kind of problems!!! Doing an Apple trial now and if this isn’t fixed won’t continue using…I have massive Spotify playlists I transferred when tried the analyze playlist is when errors occurred and couldn’t load tracks.

Spotify pulled out of the DJ market years ago, apparently after one of their suppliers objected to their music (stream) being used in DJ software.

This is understandable, as the majority of music streaming services are aimed at the domestic consumer for personal use (and that’s stated in their terms & conditions).

Because of this, it’s likely they have some kind of system in place to prevent misuse.

DJs scanning “massive playlists” would appear (from their POV) to be someone streaming tracks rapidly one after the other, rather than the normal practice of playing each track through, then selecting another.

To be honest, as a DJ of many decades experience, I’d say that having more than 100 tracks in a playlist is overkill. Even if you strictly adhere to just that single 100 track list for a gig, you should get at least five hours of playing from it (at 3 mins per track).

I played for three hours yesterday, and went through less than 60 tracks.

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I’m on 5.1.2 and it’s still throwing the error. First install. Analyzed a playlist of a hundred or so tracks. Now I can’t play anything. iPadPro M2.

The error shouldn’t prevent you playing anything from your own collection. Also, as the posts in this thread state, if you wait and then load/play tracks (or analyse) at a lower rate, it should not occur.

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Hello everyone. The engineering team is still working on this. I’ll report back here when I have news.

Hello again everyone. This should be fixed in the recently released djay 5.1.3. Please update, test, and let me know. Thanks!

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I works now without this error code popping up after a while but the track analyzing process seems to be much slower than before. It takes track by track instead of multiple tracks at the same time, as before

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Yep I noticed that too.

Really interesting… whatever they did to fix the Apple Music bug, has also affected Tidal playlist analysis too. SUPER slow, 1 track at a time!

Trust me, I’m not complaining, happy that the functionality is there and I can just leave it analyzing a playlist overnight before I actually need it.

Another note, for local folders, it doesn’t seem to be limited to 1 track at a time and still analyzes multiple tracks at once.

@Slak_Jaw thank you for moving this forward with the team! If you can provide any color on the reason its going one track at a time, it would be appreciated :pray:

Hi everyone, as you have noted analyzing Apple Music playlists is slower in the new release. This is expected behavior – unfortunately there are certain imposed limits as to how quickly we can analyze Apple Music playlists. Same goes for TIDAL playlists. On the upside analyzing playlists from either streaming service should now more reliably analyze all songs, which was previously not always the case.

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It’s to be expected. From their end, multiple tracks being streamed simultaneously by the same user is considered “abusing the service”. I know VirtualDJ limits this in a similar way - actually to the point where it’s faster to manually drag tracks to decks one by one than it is to wait for the automated analysis.

Unfortunatly iPad DJAY version 5.1.3 playlist on automix when suddenly after an hour it showd the 429 error and I couldn’t load new tracks. Tracks that where played previously can be played though.

After half an hour everything seems to be working again…