Apple Music Integration - Error Code: 429

Getting an issue when trying to use the new Apple Music integration where every time I load a track I get Access to file is temporarily unavailable. Error Code: 429

Anyone have any idea why? And how do I fix it?

Tried as downloaded media onto my MacBook Pro and as streamed music as well.


I just Googled (as you could have done) and apparently it’s a rate limit, so are you perhaps loading track after track very quickly, rather than actually playing them?

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Looks like Apple Music doesn’t like if you analyze all your playlists in advance

Confirmed. Everything was working fine until I tried analyzing a playlist with 197 tracks.

If you exceed a per-hour limit, the API rejects requests with an HTTP 429 response, with the RATE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED error code.

Guess it should start working again in an hour.

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This should be fixed immediately otherwise Apple music is quite useless. We all need to know the BPM and Key before loading a track. Analyzing playlists in Tidal works without such problems

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That happened to me as well after doing quite a few playlists, but if you let it set for a couple minutes, it goes away. Then try again to analyze the rest of your playlist, and then it should be fine. But do this way before you do your gig, not in the middle. lol

I’m guessing Algoriddim will get Apple to make an exception to their rate limit for DJay. Never had this issue with Tidal kicking off analyzing 1,000s of tracks all at once and I’m thinking they’ll want Apple Music up to feature parity with where Tidal is. If Apple won’t make this limit it’d be nice if DJay itself could account for it and retry automatically after a few minutes, so I can leave my laptop analyzing 1,000s of songs overnight.

I am noticing a pattern, I get the 429 error when trying to load a track after analyzing a playlist with more than 100 or so tracks in it. Also, the analysis only returns a value for the Key and BPM for the first 100 or so, the rest do not get analyzed and show as blank. If I wait a few minutes then I can load a track. This is a real issue if you want to analyze a number of playlists in advance of a gig.

Hello everyone,

Sorry for the late response. Thanks for sharing this issue. I have already sent this to the engineering team for further investigation. I’ll let you know when I have any news.


Hello everyone, can you please update to the latest 5.1.1 version of djay and confirm if your issue has been resolved? Thanks!

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Hi this same problem happened to me and I found this post and updated my djay app and the issue is still happening.

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Having the same issue after trying to analyze a big playlist. Darn, was so excited for Apple Music, but glad I haven’t turned off my Tidal subscription yet. @Slak_Jaw, downloaded 5.1.1 and it seems to be working again! Thank you :pray:

@Slak_Jaw on further examination, it only does another hundred or so tracks and then Error 429 pops up again. Definitely a buzz kill.

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I’ve updated to 5.1.1 and I still get the error code 429. On iOS and macOS.

And loading an Apple Music playlist into Automix fails. I guess because of this error?

Guys, please provide some useful information! Rather than just saying your playlist is “big”, give the exact number of tracks.

I imagine there will always be a limit of some kind though, so best try and avoid making enormous lists.

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It’s still not fixed completely. Seemed like it’s perfectly working now at first but after exceeding a certain amount of analyzed tracks, the same error message appears and you can’t load a track anymore.I have a playlist that has 500 tracks and the error code popped up after half of it. Some have more and many have less tracks but I guess it’s not a matter of how many track are in one list but how many tracks you’ve already analyzed before it stops working.

Thanks for the updates everyone. Please share as much detail as you can about these errors:

  1. What version of djay Pro are you running?
  2. What specific OS and version are you running?
  3. How many songs in the playlist?
  4. How many songs analyzed in the playlist before the error pops up?

Then I can forward these details to the engineering team for further investigation. Thanks!

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@Slak_Jaw it seems to be right at 150 songs where the analyzing stops. It then won’t allow you to play any songs from Apple Music after the error is received. Answers below…

  1. What version of djay Pro are you running? 5.1.1
  2. What specific OS and version are you running? Sonoma 14.2.1
  3. How many songs in the playlist? 500
  4. How many songs analyzed in the playlist before the error pops up? 150
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This is very helpful @chicoricopico! I have forwarded these additional details onto the engineering team for further review.


Hi Guys new to this DJ mallarkey like DJAY but when I use
Automix sometimes it just scrolls through the songs with out playing them :_( please advise!