Apple Music local files / iTunes Match: Cue Point syncing not working for some songs

I can’t properly sync cue points for some songs between iOS and macOS, it works between iOS devices.

After it was announced that Spotify would not be an option anymore, I decided to only work with downloaded files from now on, syncing them via iTunes Match. This does not work fully, though: some songs’ cue points carry over just fine when I prepare them via iPad and then go over to my Mac. For others, this doesn’t quite work.

The issue is directly connected with iTunes Match because if I sync the files directly, i.e. via iCloud, this does not happen. So apparently iTunes Match changes the files for iOS in a way that makes djay think they’re new files when they’re not.

One song this happens for is “Goody” by Ce’Cile.

PS: this also applies for syncing local songs via Apple Music as iTunes Match is integrated with Apple Music

I have nearly the same situation here. After the overall “iCloud not syncing” issue has been fixed this week I have exact same issue: iPad/iPhone sync just fine, but iOS/macOS treating same mp3 files as different and not syncing. Only difference with @djjoejoe: I am not using Apple Music and iTunes Match, happens with plain iCloud file sharing, too.

Thank you for informing us about this issue related to the previous syncing problem with iCloud.

I’ve reported it to our Development Team to further investigate and I’ll keep you posted as soon as I have any updates. Thanks in advance for your patience!

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