Why I ditched iTunes Match

When djay announced that Spotify would stop working, I decided to leave the streaming world completely (at least for djing) and go for iTunes Match instead. I love that djay has iCloud sync for cue points and I wanted to keep the possibility to prepare my cue points on my iPhone to have them available on my iPad or Mac later on. With iTunes Match, I figured I would still enjoy some cloud benefits such as not having to worry about syncing data anymore. This didn’t work out for me and I wanted to share with you why:

  1. Cue Points do not sync for all songs: For some reason, djay considers some songs on my Mac as different from those that iTunes Match puts on my iDevices. Details here
  2. iTunes Match does not even work correctly outside of djay: One time, songs just got deleted from my iPad. “No problem”, I thought, “I can always download them again”. That does not work, though, because of iTunes Match’s dreaded “This item cannot be downloaded”. This has been discussed extensively here. I was able to work around it once but after having gotten a new iPad, there were just too many songs that I could not download. Fixing them would have meant deleting all songs in my Music.app and I was not ready to do that because I did not want to lose all my playlists.

In the end, I am now syncing files locally again, like it’s 2010. It sucks to go back but at least it should be reliable.