Apple Music not syncing full Local Library

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  • Device model: macbook pro m1
  • Version of operating system: mac sonoma
  • Version of djay: latest
  • Hardware/controllers used: xone 96

Your question:. ive uploaded all my music to apple music and synced it to the cloud to play off line . all my music is there and works fine off line using the mac version of djay , when i use it on my i phone 15 pro max a lot of the music is missing in the playlist like 100s of tracks yet there 100 percent uploaded ? this must be a bug in the ios version.

Hi @lewi,

  1. Please open the Apple Music App on your iPhone and make sure you have downloaded all of these songs onto your device so they can be played offline.
  2. If there is a cloud icon next to the song duration instead of the downloaded icon show below, these songs will not be playable offline in the Local Music source of djay on your iPhone.

yes there all ticked and downloaded like i said it works fine on the mac just not the i phone version

Thanks for the quick reply @lewi. Please share screenshots of a specific playlist within the Apple Music App and within the djay App that you are having issues with.

so this is the mac version off line 834 songs in 1 playlist

here is the ios version same playlist

only 323 yet it works off line on the mac with all 834 tracks

just to confirm as well all my music is on my phone synced from the cloud the same playlist as on the mac in the music app just not showing
in djay

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Thanks for the screenshots and additional information @lewi.

  1. My hunch is that the cloud syncing has not completely finished downloading the tracks to your iPhone. How long ago did you did you start the iCloud Sync process?
  2. Or perhaps you are running out of storage space on your iPhone and iOS is automatically deleting some of these songs to save space. How much free space is left on your iPhone? Please share a screenshot of your iPhone Settings>General>iPhone Storage including the Synced Media menu.
  3. On your iPhone, please navigate to Settings>General>iPhone Storage>Music and share a screenshot of this page. Below Delete App you will see cell called MUSIC>All Songs. Do the GB here seem to match with the size of the music library on your Mac that you synced?

the cloud sync is done i just added 2 new tracks to my library which came over in different playlist also i have plenty of storage 120gb left . its all showing up in my apple music app on mac and phone but not in djay ios . also i added these tracks over a month ago . when i force music to update icoud syn there is nothing to come over because they are in the music app synced its definatly something with djay, maybe too many tunes in 1 playlist but its fine on mac os djay app

from mac to ios using just music and my own songs not apples synced to cloud everything is there perfect on both devices nothing missing . just missing in the djay ios version

Okay, I can’t think of anything else to suggest. I’ll have to forward this to the engineering team to see if they have any recommendations for you.

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me either ? theres something different in the ios version to the mac version which it doesnt like ? and also if it was a sync problem all the music from my mac woudnt be on my phone and that was synced from the cloud using the music app. even after the updates the same songs only sync no extra tracks comes through on djay . but the mac version of djay runs perfect off line and nothing missing ??? strange ill leave it with you . thanks

@lewi I’d like to try one more thing.

  1. Please open the Apple Music App on your iPhone (not the djay app).
  2. Confirm that all of your local music songs are visible here and fully downloaded.
  3. Put your phone in Airplane Mode to disable WiFi and cellular data.
  4. Confirm that all of the local music songs within Apple Music are still playable.

all downloaded and playable and u can see airplane mode at top

Okay, thanks for confirming @lewi. Very strange. I’ll share this all with the engineering team to see what they think. I’ll report back when I have news.

Have you tried re syncing on iPhone? Also logging out of Apple and logging back in.

when i force the cloud sync theres nothing to sync . its all synced just not in the djay app . i was thinking may be delete the app off my phone and reinstall the mac version is fine

Hi @lewi, I spoke with the engineering team and they suspect this is an issue with Apple Music/iTunes Match. Please refer to the linked article with some possible solutions to the issue. Thanks!

Ok thanks I’ll have a look

You’re welcome @lewi. Please report back here if that solves your issue.