Apple Music offline problems - Matched vs Apple Music vs Uploaded

  • Device model iPad Mini 4 and iphone SE 2
  • Version of operating system iPadOS 15.8 and iOs 17.4
  • Version of djay 5.1.6

Summary of the issue:
Only Matched and Uploaded Music appear offline (Local Files) in djay. Apple Music files don’t.

I’m testing djay with Apple Music, created a playlist with 100 files, downloaded them in Music for offline use, but noted that only 50 files appear. After reading this post, I tried the first steps recommended, but it didn’t work. Then I went to check the status of the music I had. I’m a long time Apple Music user, so I previously used iTunes Match.

The strange behavior is that only the music Matched and Uploaded are correctly loaded in djay while offline (both on iPhone and iPad). The Music that comes from Apple Music don’t. That’s the opposite behaviour from the one described here.

The suggested article in the first post to fix the issue of iTunes Match vs Apple Music is from 2019, iTunes don’t even exist anymore, so it don’t work.

The songs were downloaded corretly, as they appear (and play) on Music App (iphone and ipad)

As a new user here, I’m not only allowed to paste on screenshot, so I tried to gather the information bellow:

I know Apple Music library is a mess, mostly for those who’re using if for a while. But I hope this can help you find the bug (if it really exists) and some workaround.

Hi @benicchio, I think I understand your explanation of the situation. Please note that Apple Music Streaming songs are currently not supported offline in djay. At the moment, only Beatport and Beatsource offer offline lockers for djay. So if you want to use Apple Music songs offline, these need to be songs that you purchased, not songs via the Apple Music Streaming service. Hopefully I understand you correctly and that makes sense. Thanks!

Hey @Slak_Jaw thanks for the prompt answer, it makes sense. As the Apple Music streaming worked while I’m online, I thought it will work also offline.

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You’re welcome @benicchio. Unfortunately, that’s not currently possible.

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