Apple Music playlists won't update

Hi using Mac Montery and latest version of DjayProAl.
My playlists won’t update. Even with songs I’ve purchased, I can see the new songs, but why can’t I get playlists to update in DjayPro?

Is this Apple Music streaming.
Or purchased iTunes.
You have to buy them.
Have a great day

Hey @brettdip - Welcome to the Community! Thanks for your post.

Could you please provide a screenshot of the playlists in Music/iTunes that aren’t updating in djay Pro AI?

I really appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks in advance, and have a great day!

Thanks for the help. I’ll include a couple screen shots but basically, on my phone, there are probably 30-40 playlists created. When I update the library on djayPRO, there are only 6-7 random ones there. Perfect example is I’ve recently created a bunch of new wedding playlists (screenshot from phone included). DjPRO is only showing one of the wedding plays lists.

Here is a snapshot of the playlists from my phone…

Here is another screenshot of Apple Music from my Mac with a bunch of playlists for comparison as to what’s loading on djayPRO

I did buy them and some still don’t show up

Hey Brettdip,
All my iOS devices and Mac will All have the exact playlists.
I sync all my iOS devices through Finder in the Mac.
Just like the old days with Mac iTunes.
I’ll drag all playlists in the Finder window to each device.
Might as well since you’re using all devices.
Better yet try using SMART PLAYLISTS on the Mac.
Works even better

Have great day

Thanks so much for the suggestions! I’ll give them a try!

Hey. So my phone and Mac are synced and have the same playlists. It’s djayPRO that’s the issue. It won’t update what Music or my phone have…… :frowning:

Synced as in you connect the phone to the Mac and back the phone to the Mac?

Well……they sync thru iCloud. I tried to do it the old fashioned way with the Lightning cable and it would require me to turn off iCloud music, which would delete my Apple Music downloads off my phone, which I don’t want to happen either. Ugh.

I did find a work around to this but it sucks cause I feel like this shouldn’t be this complicated. I went into the djay app on the phone and created a playlist on the app itself from my music. It looks like it will work for my immediate needs, but super frustrating I can’t get everything to work together

Hey, @brettdip - thanks for getting back.

As a first step in resolving your issue, could you please try logging out of your Apple ID on both your macOS and iOS devices, then signing back into both and seeing if the issue persists?

If it does, please answer the following questions so we can better understand where the issue might be:

  1. Can you confirm that you are using the latest versions of djay on both iOS and macOS?
  2. Can you confirm that you are using the latest version of iOS and macOS on your devices?
  3. Are the few tracks showing up in djay for Mac downloaded onto your Mac?
  4. Are any of the tracks DRM protected?
  5. Have you tried creating new playlists with the tracks that do show up in djay for Mac to see if they show up every time as intended?

I hope this helps! Looking forward to hearing back from you. Have a great day!