Apple Music & Spotify

You have Spotify integration, so will you be looking to integrate Apple Music to have access to all music over ‘streaming’ to play on the deck?

Is your answer still valid, or have things changed wrt the API?

Looks like broadcast focused MegaSeg DJ now supports Apple Music with offline playing !

Algoriddim, no more excuses ! This feature becomes #1 priority !

Still dreaming of Apple Music integration… offline mode aaaaaah !

Apple just announced the new MusicKit API for Apple Music integration to apps.

Is it the API we were all waiting for ?

If yes, is this API also macos compatible ?

Harald, MegaSeg is using the previous API where it’s only allowed to use Apple’s player (no mixing, snatching, just one track playing etc…). That makes no sense for Algoriddim.

Now the MusicKit API is hope as I kind of understood that one can use its own player engine to play Apple Music content, including offline. If that is correct, Algoriddim (as well as others) should be able to bring us the future of Djing through streaming services and in offline mode.

The last problem to solve will be to create a standard for Djing meta-tags (cues/loops etc…) and have it stored in ID3 tags on Apple Music. That would be awesome as you would be able to set your cues/loops on one of the software and access the music and its cues/loops from any software.

I think we’ll have to wait a bit longer…

‘There is no support currently for DJ style apps.’…

I will love if it does

As of 9.3 this is now possible. Do you have a time frame for when it’s available?


Why can the DJ Software MegaSeg add Apple Music and you say it is not possible?……

Thanks for your Answer!

As far, it helps if Algoriddim team show some position about the plans to include Music in the software.

Unfortunately there is currently no way for 3rd-party apps such as djay to play songs from Apple Music, Apple’s music streaming service. That being said, djay provides a sophisticated integration for all tracks downloaded onto your device (via iTunes). You can browse your music library by Playlist, Artist, Album, Genre, Key, History, and more.

Furthermore djay integrates with Spotify, giving you instant access to millions of tracks. Spotify integration in djay includes all of your existing playlists, starred and saved songs, powerful search capabilities, charts, browse, and Match for intelligent song recommendations.

I signed up for the trial of Apple Music. I was rather disappointed. The new version of iTunes required is buggy. I can crash it at will. I know I could not switch to this now with DJay because it is not integrated. I’m an not sure if I could I would. Spotify seems more mature. However the first one that lets me do offline music with Djay I will be very interested in taking it for a drive. It is not reasonable to expect a fast reliable internet connection at every gig. I also have to mix spotify live as you cannot prerecord a mix. There has to be a better way. But still protect the artists.

If they won’t let us record. What if instead of actually recording the song. You could record the mixing data but not the music itself. Then later I could load the songs and apply my previous macros and essentially mix what I did before live.
Maybe that is too complicated but just an idea.

Apple music on Spotify

Please read, comment, share in the link before to get apple music streaming on algoriddim’s djay

*Apple music on algoriddim’s djay.

Survey about apple music integration

Survey about apple music integration