Are we still unable to export History Playlists?

Djay 2 for iPad now gives us the history feature without enabling us to export those playlists to iTunes?

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How is this still not in the iOS version? I literally can’t use Djay because of it and I’ve purchased every version!

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I just want to export my sets as text files so I don’t have to type everything out. Is this so much to ask? This combined with the eminent loss of Spotify integration is making me want to switch to something else.

Hi Robert,

Still? :slight_smile: The History playlist has just been introduced with djay 2 for iPad/iPhone. 

I’ll change your question into an idea. 

Yes! That would be awesome!
I’m making something of a podcast usign Djay… and exporting the song list out of the history, would be a great feature indeed!

Cool, Adrian… thanks… but I think the topic is more about Djay 2 (ipad/iphone) than the Djay Pro…

Still waiting on that one, right?

This is too easy. I think original poster had it right with “still”. It is a no-brainer to AT LEAST export the entire history to Djay for Mac. From there we can export to itunes.

What I believe most of us are looking for is an automatic sync of sets and metadata via iCloud Drive between iOS devices and also the OS X Pro version so that if a set is done on one, then it will appear, complete with cue points, and associated metadata, on all devices running djay.

I looked at the format of the .plist files used to store set information for djay for iOS and it is not compatible with the format used in djay Pro on OS X. It appears that the “persistent ids” used in iOS are generated by djay, whereas those used on djay pro for OS X use the iTunes persistent ids. Not sure why they would use one format on iOS and another on OS X.

As a painfully tedious hack, I use 3rd party software to access the file system on my iPhone and iPad and copy the metadata and set folders from one to the other depending on which device I last used to DJ. This, at least, allows both to have the same histories and metadata.

It would be pretty trivial to store this info on iCloud Drive instead of the custom folders currently used in djay’s sandbox. That way, at least the iOS devices would always be in sync and you wouldn’t need to worry about collisions as everything is time-stamped.

Obviously, this only works if you have the same tracks on all your iOS devices. In cases where the tracks are missing, they will just be greyed out.

Making djay Pro compatible with the iOS versions would require normalizing the .plist format on both platforms. Since the same formula could be used on the Mac as is used on iOS to generate a “djay-specific persistent id”, it would seem that the logical approach would be to migrate djay Pro to use the same XML structure and persistent ids as the iOS versions and store everything on iCloud drive so it is always synced all the time.

But then perhaps there’s something I’m missing…

The software is called iMazing ( Go into Applications and drill down from there and you’ll see the sets and metadata. From there you can copy the files to your Mac and from there to your other iOS devices.

Due to algoriddm’s reluctance to implement this, your only option is to write a script or app that will read the djay OSX XML files and also load the itunes library XML file and do a cross reference based on the PID and then create a corresponding playlist in iTunes using AppleScript for each history file referred to by the index.plist file.

Note that this will NOT work for iOS versions of djay as the PID is in no way related to the itunes PID. In that case, you’re either screwed or limited to guessing which iTunes track is being referred to based on the track name, artist, and size specified in the .plist history files from djay.

This is such a basic function I can’t comprehend why algoriddm hasn’t implemented this on their end. djay Pro actually went backwards in that the previous version fully supported export back to iTunes, but djay Pro has even that removed.

I don’t understand the thinking here. They already have the code to write out the .plist files and read them in. So changing the place where they are saved to iCloud Drive so that everything would by synced at least would be trivial. Further extending that by adding back the feature to export to iTunes from djay Pro should also be. I’d implement it myself (conversion from djay Pro to itunes) but I don’t have the time to do that uncompensated. I could also write a script to convert and iOS history to iTunes, but with the caveat that there is more than one track in iTunes with the same track name, artist, and size then it would be a guess as to which one is the correct track that was actually used.

If Algorridm was willing to compensate me for my time I could do both, but I suspect/hope that with all the noise this issue is making that the next major release will include full syncing and iTunes export. It would be far better if it was part of the native apps rather than having to use 3rd party tools like iMazing and then custom-made scripts.

Unfortunately, this does not help me in any way because I use the iOS version of djay to DJ as I vastly prefer it to djay Pro on my Mac. When will all data be moved to iCloud so that the iOS versions and djay Pro can all share the same database? Right now, even with hacks, it is not possible to move playlists from iOS djay to OSX djay.

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We’re all talking about DJay on the iPad!!!

Exactly. And it seems like a real no-brainer. It really makes NO SENSE that DJay for the iOS would not include these features.

I posted this one year ago and still no solution. Can we get the official word on IF and WHEN this SIMPLE AND BASIC feature will be available?

^ This guy…

Best reply I’ve heard so far on this or any other related post. Care to share the 3rd party software you used? Also, I know how to access the files from my iPad backup… is that where the iOS DJay set lists are stored? If so, any idea how I can single those out and convert them to be imported as Playlists in iTunes?

Greg, everything works so far. In the sets folder, though, I find files like “DJ Set - March 28, 2015 at 11:28 PM.plist” for example. I’m having a hell of a time importing that file into iTunes. I tried converting it to an .xml using terminal but no luck. Any ideas?

Dear official rep. This post is referring to the iOS version. Which has never been able to export histories back to iTunes or in any other format. Can you guys please get on this? You have a great program. It’s the best app for DJing on the iOS so far… But the lack of this feature has been forcing me to shop elsewhere.

Yes, I’d love this too. Maybe a few options as buttons such as export as playlist, email playlist, share on Facebook etc.