Audible book (in itunes) to use in my recording, any ideas?

Hi All
I am trying to use an audio book from Audible, now in itunes, in a recording.
The book doesn’t show up even though I have it in a Music playlist and shows up in itunes.
thanks for any suggestions

What about screen recording and than extract the audio with another app like sample creat or you can use the free app shortcut AudiofromVideo that should be a link i found in the audiobus forum.

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Hi @Shauna_Devlin1,

Thanks for posting your question!

Do you own this Audible audiobook as a DRM-free audio file? If so do you know what particular file format the audiobook is in?

Additionally can you post the iOS, macOS or Windows version number that your device is running iTunes (Music App) on?

Looking forward to your response!

Yes! This is what I ended up doing, and still it won’t play. I did a voice memo, which I have been able to use before in a recording but this one doesn’t show up in my music!! uuugg I am letting it go. I can still use the voice in my set just not recorded (play over top Djay with itunes.)
thanks for your support!!


Audiobook is in itunes and I just went into info and changed it from audiobook to music, hoping that helps :slight_smile: But now…uuuggg my djay library won’t refresh!!! I just did a first aid and still nothing. Any ideas??

thanks for your support.

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Hi @Shauna_Devlin1,

If you are on a Mac you can refresh your library by using the key command “CMD + R” and if you are on an iOS device simply pull down from the top of the library screen to refresh the library as well.

Additionally you can convert the audiobook file in your iTunes (Desktop Music App) library which may help you in your efforts so I will link you to Apple’s official FAQ on that here.

Feel free to let us know if you need any further assistance!

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Hi All,

All of a sudden my library is not refreshing! I have had this happen before, but can’t remember how to fix.
I have restarted computer and done a first aid in disk utility.

Any ideas?
thank you


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