Audio Dropout / Ipad / Ddj 400

Hey, there is any solution fornthe audio dropout using Ipad Pro / Ddj 400?
Is ver annoying… thinking into cancel suscription.

Hi Juan,

Sorry you’re running into this. We’re aware of this issue some users are having, and it’s being looked at. There isn’t a solution yet though, I’m afraid.

Hi yeah I’m having the issue too.
I had a normal iPad and worked flawlessly. Just bought an iPad Pro and it constantly drops out.
So my findings so far.
It’s happened when I’ve selected a new track from files into cue.
It’s also happened by pressing a button on the controller.
The audio in the app isn’t affected so it still records the mix.
I have to unplug the controller usb and the audio temporarily goes to the iPad speakers then when the controller is plugged back in the audio once again goes through the controller as it should.

Very frustrating as I upgraded to the iPad Pro for a better experience.
I am using a levin usb c hub from Amazon with power through obviously.

One thing to test out is whether this is a loose USB-C connection. I’ve had a weak cable that wobbles and loses the signal. Electrical tap to hold it solved that.

I’m wondering if I’m having the same issue. I use Djaypro2 on a macbook for a radio program I broadcast online, as well as for recording mixes on my computer.

Occasionally when I load a new song on the deck, and hit play, I hear no sound. But, it looks like the audio is still registering within the program, it just emits no noise/sound.

This has happened while on air, which is really embarrassing. But, it also happens when I’m just playing music through my Macbook speakers.

Is this the same issue there is currently no solution for?

I am also having this problem, and as others have to disconnect the controller from the iPad. I hope it can be sorted soon.

I’m having the same problem .

It don’t think it’s the USB (or Lightning cable), because I haven’t experienced these issues with USB cable and my DDJ-400 combined with Laptop+Rekordbox. It’s Djay iOS/iPad + DDJ-400 combination. This issue is becoming old. It prevents me using Djay in public. ‘Looking at it’ doesn’t fix it… I have Djay for three years now, but I still don’t consider it as stable pro software. Too bad…

I’m not necessarily blaming the cable, rather the connection between the USB-C port and plug acting temperamental. It’s an easy thing to try to fix the issue. Beyond that, we need to do some tests internally to work out what might be going on.