Audio Dropout / Ipad / Ddj 400

Apologies. We are still investigating the issue.

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Okay, but I don’t use USB-C. I own an iPad 6th Gen (not iPad Pro) and/or a Lenovo Windows 10 i5 8th gen laptop.
The thing is, fixing ‘bugs’ takes too long (read: years or forever) according to me and many users through the years. By the time the DDJ-400 audiobug is fixed (if only…) the DDJ-400 is old skool and replaced by a next gen controller.

In the meantime Djay is sold with new features and promised hardware compatibilities that are still not stable. At the same time Algoriddim starts to demand monthly fees…

Don’t ask money from users when in fact the software is beta and we, the customers, are in fact the beta-testers and delivering you the buglist. Or, make the software mature and thén release it.

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Hi! New here and one more user of the combo DDJ-400 / Djay Pro / Ipad Pro 2020 to report the same issue …

The soundcard from the DDJ-400 will stop working at after a certain time always when I load a new song.
The only solution is to unplug replug the controller and when the sounds go back the master volume might be increased.

For me and the issue seems to appear only when the DDJ-400 is connected on RCA to a mixer or other audio input. Perhaps some of you can test and tell me if it’s the same on your side?

I Strongly recommend to NOT use the DDJ-400 and Algoriddim DJay on Ipad for a pro gig or use it only with the monitor output if you cannot do otherwise.

Peeps from Algoriddim and Pioneer it’s time to get together and solve that issue.

Problem reported on those Youtube videos in the comment section:

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I too have been having this issue. I regularly use my iPad (7th Gen) + DDJ-400 to spin at a wine bar and I have this issue happen to me 1-3 times a night when spinning. Luckily, it’s not a huge issue when it happens in this scenario, but I certainly could never use this in any other situation, like a wedding, which I do regularly, given the unreliability of the audio.

Please look in to this, as I would hate to be in a situation where this would affect me and my clientele!

Any updates on this front?

Have you try your DDJ-400 without the RCA plugged in to see if the issue is still there?
I just try to collect as much informations as possible to help the Djay and Pioneer team to sort this problem out.

I have not tried that, but I’m not sure what that would accomplish. I will try it out and report back ASAP, though.

Noted thanks, by using the jack in front of the device (Not connected to the RCA) I didn’t experienced any audio drops yet. FYI.

Headphone mini-jack’s are not meant to be used for connecting your controller to a PA system. If you do however, how 're you going to use your headphone for pre-cueing and mix/match?

Meanwhile, I’m pretty frustrated and disappointed that Algoriddim seems to keep on pushing for adding new gimmicks, instead of fixing real world problems like this one. They still seem to target at kids and bedroom-dj’s, instead of pro’s.

Hello Jack sure the mini Jack wasn’t meant for that but I’m just trying to understand where the problem comes from and give as much details as I can to the Algorithm Djay team to solve the problem.

Actually I had a gig last time and the micro jack didn’t bring any improvement I had 3 audio dropout on songs loading … So same problem.
The weird thing is at home I had no issue at all connecter to the micro jack …

I also ended my Djay Pro Ai subscription to test and the problem is exactly the same …

I’ve had the same issue over 1 year across both the iPad Air and the iPad Pro. When selecting a new track the sound cuts out and controller freezes. The app carries on playing, be it without sound coming out. This makes it impossible to use this set up for a gig. Very disappointed.

I’ve reported this before and followed all the usual guidance, changed cables, ensure I only use the apple connectors, and started the app up in the very specific way, nothing fixes this. When will this basic be fixed?

Hi, any update on the DDJ400 IPAD PRO DJpro sound issue yet?
Is it just the iPad Pro that has the issue?

Any updates on this issue, had my DDJ400 for 3 days not managed to use it for more than 20 mins without this issue occurring. It’s boxed up and ready to go back now.

Pioneer is asking for anyone experiencing this issue to file an inquiry ticket so their support teams can gather additional information and provide 1:1 support.

I found it in this thread here.

Any news on the dropouts? Was dropping out regularly on my iPhone 7 with iOS 14, I just assumed it’s the port as it needs a wiggle to charge it sometimes…
I have a iPad mini 3 that’s on iOS 12 but I can’t hear no sound on the pre cue, any help?

Hello, i am having the same issue.

I have the latest ipad air,
Running the latest firmware on the ipad to date.
I use the £65 apple official usb c adaptor for the ddj400 to be connected along side power for the ipad.
Latest djay software.
Even updated the firmware on my ddj400 using a laptop.

And about 20-40 mins into playing tracks, at random when i select my next track to load using the ddj400 and not on the ipad, the audio cuts out.
But when looking at the ddj400, the levels are showing and it is still connected to the ipads software (djay) when i move the tempo, eq, crossfader etc it still shows manipulation on the app, and the track is still playing on both the app and the ddj400, just the audio stops coming through the speakers.

Get it fixed, i have been dealing with this problem for months, this is all expensive equipment when you total it all up, it should be able to do something as simple as play audio with no crashes.

Ok so in continuation from my previous message.

I ordered a cable the directly connects my ddj 400 straight to my ipad air. (Usb b to c)

To see if this would resolve the issue rather than using the apple usb c multi media port adapter.

Plus the Djay app also had an update today with new features and “bug fixes”

And after 25 minutes into my set, again the audio drops out when selecting my next track.

My ipad air 2020 model was on 95% charge, connected straight to the ddj 400 directly,
Latest software of IOS and latest update of the Djay app.

I literally cannot think of any other solution now, that was my only way of thinking that might be causing the drop out, the adapter. But it seems thats not the case, it has to be the Djay software.

The image attached is the exact cable i purchased.

Have the same problem with the same setup. DDJ 400 with iPad Pro 2020 in Djay.

After random times there is no sound out of my Speakers if I’m fading to the next track. And sometimes there is a problem with pre cuing with my headphones as well. No sound.

Always had to restart the app and reconnect the DDJ 400.

Today Algoriddim released a new update in the App Store , does anyone knows about any fixes? Maybe it is fixed now?!


Unfortunately, the update has not fixed it. Same problem occurs. And i also have the same problem with the headphones along with the audio in general cutting out.

Oh man! I don’t understand, why it is so hard for Algoriddim to fix a major problem like this!

In my case Iam paying for the Pro version of djay plus tidal now. Paying for a setup that does not work perfectly.

very annoying!