Auto BPM Transition Feature

This is another feature recently showcased on the Pioneer DDJ-REV5. Basically it’s a direct copy of djay’s long existing Automix, but with some dedicated hardware controls.

Anyway @SamJam challenged me to try to MIDI map something similar. Turns out it’s surprisingly easy:

  1. Set the Target to Mixer
  2. Set the Action to either CROSSFADER: Transition to Left or Transition to Right.
    a. You could also use Transition to Inactive Deck if you just want to map a single button that would transition either direction. I prefer having 2 buttons with dedicated directional control though.
  3. Now you just need to adjust the Automix Settings (see screenshots).
    a. Transition: I prefer the Neural Mix. In my experience this produces the cleanest Automixes. You have 6 other choices though.
    b. Duration: I prefer an 8 bars, but you can increase or decrease as desired. I recommend you use bars instead of seconds though to keep musical phrases aligned.
    c. Tempo Adjust: set to Morph to enable the smooth tempo transition from one BPM to the other over the set Duration.
  4. I think it would be great if Algoriddim could make some GUI / Menu adjustments so the Automix Settings were quicker to access. Also adding MIDI mappable commands to change the Transition and Duration would be great.


I totaly agree with the addition of more midi mappable commands and quick access for auto mix features as I use this function frequently when playing on a radio show as it is nice and easy and nobody sees your performance anyway. @Slak_Jaw you did a great job here, however is it possible to have the bpm transition to the same value of the track on the inactive deck without the crossfader being automated or the inactive deck starting to play?


@SamJam just so I understand what you’re asking here. You want to move smoothly from one BPM to another, but without automatically playing the second track or mixing the 2 tracks together? This doesn’t sound to me like a transition at all. For this, I would simply use the tempo fader and manually adjust the BPM.

There needs to be some more rules and BPM logic as how to DJay choses tracks to automix. There should be some sort of way to toggle, say keeping the songs it choses to +/- a user-choseable BPM range. And if songs arent in the range, Djay will chose a song closest.

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@Slak_Jaw yes its not so much of a transition more of an automatic graduale bpm adjustment at a single button press.

@SamJam yeah, this isn’t possible with the currently available MIDI commands in djay.


@Slak_Jaw I will make a feature request when i get a moment free. Keep up the great mapping work!


Will do! Thanks @SamJam


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For new Djay pro 5, I want to assign a ‘Transition Now’ button on Mixon 8, also if I am able to toggle in between transition types. Any help would be greatly appreciated.