Reloop Ready - Ultimate STEMS Mapping

This mapping is based off my latest Reloop Mixon 8 Pro - STEMS Mapping (Reloop Mixon 8 - Ultimate STEMS Mapping). Notable changes to the default mapping include:

  1. STEMS Split: this closely mimics the same feature in Serato where the active track is split into an Instrument and Acappella across Deck 1 and Deck 2.
    a. For example, with a track playing on Deck 1 if you press SHIFT + Load for Deck 2, the track on Deck 1 will switch to an Instrumental while at the same time duplicating the track Acappella onto Deck 2 .
    b. The same can be done in the other direction from Deck 2 by pressing SHIFT + Load for Deck 1.
    c. This allows for independent EQing, Cutting, Scratching, Filtering, FX, etc. of each STEM across the 2 channels.
    d. With Sync and Slip Mode engaged on both decks, the tracks stay locked together pretty well even when scratching one of the STEMs.
    e. Also, if you engage a Loop on the track before performing the STEMs Split, the Loop will be duplicated onto the second deck.
  2. STEMS EQs: SHIFT+ Deck 1 Headphone Cue will toggle between Regular EQs and STEMS EQs.
    a. Note: I replaced the Gain knob with High EQ for both channels so there is a full 3 Band EQ control.
  3. STEMS FX:
    a. SHIFT+ FX1 ON will apply the selected FX to the DRUMS only.
    b. SHIFT+ FX2 ON will apply the selected FX to the HARMONICS only.
    c. SHIFT+ FX3 ON will apply the selected FX to the VOCALS only.
  4. STEMS PADS: this Performance Pad Mode provides control of all 4 STEMS in djay.
    a. The Top Row controls Mute for each of the 4 STEMS.
    b. SHIFT+ Mute will Solo each STEM only while the button is Held.
    c. The Bottom Row is set to Instant FX 5-8. The Instant FX assignments need to be set in djay by editing the pads. Check out this discussion for more details (DJ TechTools Midi Fighter Spectra - Neural Mix / Serato STEMs Mapping).
    d. I prefer Drum Fill, Drum Echo 1/4, Vocal Juggler and Vocal Echo 3/4 myself.
  5. Auto BPM Transition / Automix: This feature was recently showcased on the Pioneer DDJ-REV5. Basically it’s a direct copy of djay’s long existing Automix , but with some dedicated hardware controls.
    a. For more details on how to set this up, check out the discussion here: Auto BPM Transition Feature
    b. Basically, if you’re playing a track on Deck 1 and want to Auto BPM Transition over to Deck 2, simply press SHIFT+ Play/Pause on Deck 2 and djay will automate the transition. The same works in reverse transitioning from Deck 2 to Deck 1.

Reloop Ready SJ4.1.djayMidiMapping (145.1 KB)

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