Auto Cue Point Analysis

Is this function available in DJay Pro 5 ? Auto Cue Point Analysis – Taking a leaf out of Mixed In Key’s book, this adds hot cues/memory cues to your tracks automatically. The analysis takes awhile, but when it’s finished you have (hopefully) usable cues without having to add them manually. There is a control panel where you can specify the number and type of cues and other information to get them close to something you can use - Pioneer DJ Rekordbox 7

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Hi @Krzysztof, this is currently not possible with djay Pro.

Would it be possible to integrate with Mixed in Key? Or at least be able to read and import cue points from serato?


  1. A request to add MIK integration has already been made here: Mixed In Key integration
  2. Also there are 3rd party applications like DJ Conversion Utility that will convert your Hot Cues, Saved Loops and playlists from other DJ Libraries to djay Pro.

Thank you for replying.

  1. Good to know
  2. I will look into those, previously they did not support djay 5 but I will take another look

I have been playing with the rekordbox 7 beta ( ) released recently and they added auto cue points. I have to say it is really useful!
Hopefully djay will consider this too!

You’re welcome. The new version of DJCU supports djay 5.x

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