Mixed In Key integration

This is one of the best apps I have ever used and I am very proud to say I used this software/ app all the time now.

It is I think the top DJ software out there and most portable to use being that can be played through iPad.

I ask if there is anyway that both DJAY/ Algoriddim and Mixed in Key could work together to untertratet so that we can use their key labelling/ results and adding/ importing cue points.

If there is a way to already do this on iOS version please can someone let me know how.

Still a very happy customer :blush:

Is anyone going to respond on this. When can we have improvements to add mixed in key features to the programme

I would love to have something like this integrated within the app since I have the mixed in key program and would like to utilize it. Also, DJs should learn how to mix in key so a tool like key matching within the library playlists would be super useful. Maybe filter playlists by relative key after filtering BPM first

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I agree that would be awesome

me too! Please add this.

Hi All, and thanks to @Paul_Wallis for sharing this request. We appreciate your ongoing support of djay.

You’ve mentioned that you’d like to be able to use Mixed in Key’s key labelling/results and adding/importing cue points in djay. Could you please share a little more about how you’d ideally see an integration working? It would be interesting for our team to understand more in detail what you were thinking, and if there’s any other metadata/information in such an integration that might be helpful.

Also, one workaround option for key information/labelling that is already available in djay is the Open Key Format. Could you please let us know if you’ve given that a try in djay and if that provides you with similar useful track information?

Thanks and we look forward to hearing your thoughts. In addition, we ask that interested users please up-vote this topic if it’s something you’d like to see in djay. :headphones:

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Sorry about the time taking to respond.

I am very happy with the key format there is a I do use the key formatting there is already available.

I currently have my tracks also analysed and the meta data added to the comments section on tracks to show the Camelot key format that mixed in key uses.

However mixed in key also integrates with with Serato, Traktor and Rekordbox where you can export the cue points from the analysed tracks from mixed in key and import them into Serato, Tracktor and Rekordbox.

Would be great if had same feature to import cue points into djay too.

Thank you for all your hard work though on this amazing software it is still by far I think the greatest.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Paul :slight_smile:

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Please add my +1 to this suggestion. Mixed in Key has the ability to auto create (and edit) cue points for analyzed tracks, and the ability to utilize these in DJay is requested.

Yes…yes…all kinds of yes for Mixed in Key integration. As long as MIK has been around, I’m pretty surprised that support with DJay Pro still doesn’t exist. And yes for all the reasons others have mentioned.