Automix crossfader option that fades out the end but doesn't fade in the beginning?

Hiya, newbie here. Was trying to search if this had already been asked/answered but couldn’t quite find what I was looking for. I’ve got djay Pro 2 and am trying to figure out the ideal automix transition settings for myself. I cannot find any solution to get a track to start at its 100% volume while the only the previous track fades out. The new track always fades in and of course this means in some cases a punchy start is completely missed out on. Have I just not found the setting, or is there none for this? You can see the crossfader settings available to me but I would like something like I’ve mocked up in the bottom in in red (I know, boring). Thanks for any advise!

Hi Mari,

Thank you for getting in touch.

This crossfader curve is not available at the moment. Have you tried the default curve? This curve gives transition a more subtle touch.

Also could you share some more information for what you are using Automix?

Hi Lukas, I’m just using it for my own enjoyment when listening to a shuffled Spotify playlist. I am surprised this kind of a curve is not available – I hate the fading in the beginning. Imagine not getting “Everyone dance now” in full from C+C Music Factory’s Gonna Make You Sweat. Just not the same :smiley:

In This case I would suggest using the Cut Curve. We don’t have a curve that fades out the track as well, but if the focus should be on hard cuts maybe sometimes the focus should fully lay on the new incoming track :slight_smile:

Anyways we want to thank you for your question and will take it in consideration. Would you like to have this thread moved to the Suggestion section so other users can von for different curve styles as a feature request?

Thanks, I will give it a go!