Automix transition that doesn't fade in the next song

This has been asked before by someone else (link below) but it would be a super-useful feature that I’m guessing would be relatively easy to implement.

The context for this problem:

You’re playing tunes that are a mix of tempos, and don’t benefit from being mixed. You just want to click ‘next’ in Automix to move to the next track. Currently, doing that gives a nice fade out (or other effect) on the current track (depending on the transition you choose) BUT it fades IN the next track, which loses all it’s initial power – and that flash of recognition and excitement by the crowd. Instead, you get some quizzical looks. If you were to do this transition manually you would never fade in the next track. You’d let the current track fade out a bit then just play the next one from the very start at full volume.

If you implemented this, I would love you forever!


Here’s someone explaining it much better than I have in an old post - with an excellent illustration.

Hi @BenMoore, thanks for the suggestion. I have forwarded this to the dev team for consideration. Please also use the Vote button at the top left so we can gauge user demand for this feature.

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