Automix, delete track already loaded re-appears

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djay Pro AI 3.1.2, MacOs 11.4

In automix mode, after I did delete a track already loaded on a deck, it gets skipped but keeps re-apearing (re-loaded) on a deck after the next track.

Looks like the deleted track is invisibly buffered somewhere between the queue and the deck which causes it to re-appear.

I would like to suggest one of these behaviours.

  1. (Preferred)
    The deleted track instance is deleted completely from the queue and internal buffer and will never be heard of again in this session unless you add it to the queue again.

  2. The deleted track instance is inserted back at the front of the queue so that it is explicitly visible and can manually be removed (or not).

Kind regards, Bart.

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I can confirm that this is a bug. Tried both on iPhone & iPad latest versions 3.7.3

This needs fixing for both Eject & Load next.

When you eject or load next track. Djay forgets to delete the up-next track from the auto mix list and gets the next track in the playlist and places it in front of the up-next track that you just tried to get rid of. And so it will keep trying to play that track again.

Just go and look at auto mix after you eject a track and you will see it still there and giving you the impression of buffering in the background (it’s in full sight lol).

Until this is fixed it’s a waste of time using those options with auto mix turned on. For now you have to click on auto-mix and delete (eject) the up next track and it then loads the next playlist track and works correctly from then on.

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Thanks for reporting this Automix behavior on djay Pro AI for Mac and iOS, Bart and @SteNight. Thanks also for your suggestions for how you’d like to see this work, Bart.

I’ve passed all of this information along to our development team for further investigation, and I’ll keep you posted when I have any updates.

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Confirming this to be an issue and posting to follow the thread.


100% this is an issue. I can’t honestly believe that a DJ App developer would release it having not noticed this.

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I was using DJAY PRO AI last night 18th September for a gig and the latest version to be released and this issue is still happening in automix on my MacBook Pro running Big Sur again the latest release.
When is this issue going to be sorted out as it is so annoying… the deleted track just keeps returning and can spoil the night especially when the song does not follow in tempo or genre to what the previous track was… I ended up having to play Barry white between 2 Motown songs as it just kept loading on the next available deck.

Please fix this issue

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This 2 month issue is a huge issue for me & my staff. So much so that I have DJs looking into other apps. We have been a company that supports DJay Pro form the first version. We love it but now it seems it is not allowing us to do our jobs correctly. We had a work around by selecting the “automix” view then selecting “next” then going back to “video mixing” view to get around it. Now that no longer works in the latest update.

Bottom Line: The automix function is not bringing in the next song anymore.


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Video Example of this issue:

Curious if you have heard anything from the dev team/

Thanks for reaching out about this, and sharing the video as well as your additional feedback. And thanks to all of you on this thread for your patience! :pray:

Our Dev Team has been working on a fix for this, and the good news is that this fix will be included in the next release coming within the next few weeks. Rest assured I will post here as soon as it’s available.

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Can’t wait! Thank you. Just in time for a busy October Wedding season.

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