Automix from saved beat grid and start cue.


I mix a lot of breakbeat through house and other genres and I’ve already set the Grid Start and Start Cue for all tracks.

When I go automix later on at a party the beats are constantly being thrown out as Djay does not use these when automixing

Is it possible to include automix function from saved Grid Start and Start Cuepoint?
This would stop the beats being all out of whack.

Cheers !!!

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I’ve never used automix, but this still makes a lot of sense to me.


Hi @Donall_O_Cleirigh,

Thanks for posting to the community again!

It sounds like you may really benefit from using Automix’s “Use start/end cue points if set” setting.

May I ask what version of djay you are running and on what platform? iOS, macOS, etc.

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I’m using an iPhone predominantly but I also on a Mac using Monterey. The issue is not the start cue but the fact that the Grid Start is not saved across devices. This means that any track that is not a 4/4 standard beat will mix incorrectly into any non standard beat or break beat.

IE. House in to breaks or DnB.

Hi @Donall_O_Cleirigh,

Thank you for providing that additional information. I will make sure that this gets passed along to the dev team for further review.

Looking forward to your next great suggestion!

The latest update still cannot transfer beat grid start information across devices. This is really annoying as I can’t trust my beat grid is correct when switching devices

Hi @Donall_O_Cleirigh,

After some additional digging it looks like there may already be a similar thread to what you have brought up.

Would you mind viewing the thread below and confirming whether or not this user’s post matches the feature request you are referring to?

This has nothing to do with not being to export beatgrid start points across devices. The beatgrids are currently sandboxed within the iOS application.

We need to be able to back them up in iCloud so they can be transferred across devices. Otherwise we cannot rely on our cue points being accurate.

It’s a simple request I’m not sure what’s not to get here, either you as a developer know how important it is to have accurate beat grid start points transferable across devices, for accuracy, or the concept is lost on you.

If this is the case you should probably leave the development of ‘professional’ DJ apps up to your competitors which have all implemented this feature quite some time ago.

Hi @Donall_O_Cleirigh,

I wanted to update you that our dev team is still aware of your Automix beat grid request and that I will be updating this thread accordingly as new info comes in from them.

Again, your feedback is greatly appreciated and I look forward your next great set of feature requests for djay.

Have a great day!

That’s great, hopefully it will be implemented within the next few rounds of updates.

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