backup/restore database for Djay iOS


Djay needs some kind of backup with multiple versions so that we can restore the database to a previous point-in-time. We need to be able to backup the full database (cue points, beat grids edited, bpm simple/double edits, etc …)

For now could you tell us if this is possible manually ? (by copying some directory?)


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icloud is activated on all my devices : so every device can access and update the database (i just hope you manage well the enqueues :wink:
anyway my concern is about restoring for example the database to yesterday (or the day before). that means versioning and being able to restore at the date you want


Thank you for getting in touch.

We are safely storing User Data in the iCloud, which makes retrieving the backup for other devices easy.

All you got to do is when you want to retrieve the backup on another device, activate the iCloud.

I get your point.

I forwarded this to our developers, we are aware of the demand for a backup service, maybe even versioning of your library.

It would be great if other users can share the demand of the feature by sharing their feedback.

Anyways, thank you JiPenade for pointing it out.


Lukas E.

Can you provide specific instructions on how to do this?  I’m about to migrate from an old DJPro version to the latest version and must have all the cue points for each song copied over to the new version.  Thank you!