Batch analysis of tracks

I wish there was a way to analyze all of the tracks in my library which don’t have any BPM information.

I’d imagine it being under Settings -> Library -> Analyze all tracks. The analysis screen would show the name of the track being analyzed, current status of the track, #/# tracks, and a cancel button.

Having this feature in DJ Player is killer and something I miss every time I switch to DJAY.

I’ve tried this, it kind of works. It would work better if automix played played everything in a playlist once before repeating any of the tracks. As it is, the randomization could potentially leave tracks undetected even if you ran automix for years :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

i’m starting to sound like a broken record but… Traktor for iPad gets this right & does batch analysis of songs (including key).

Seriously this a feature that is sorely missed from djay

lol the fact that this is not implemented yet is absurd. That and various small features lacking in DJay that are present in DJ Player makes me wonder why I should stick around…

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You’re saying there is batch analysis? How and where?

Yes well many users, myself included, ONLY have the iOS version, or use it so that even if we could batch analyze on the computer the inability to export that makes that feature useless.

We need a native iOS batch analyze. No reason not to have it.

I’m just waiting for them to add MIDI support and I’m sold. DJay is so great but there are just some core features it seems they don’t understand we care about :frowning:

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i agree
it’s necessary!


We’re proud to present djay 2. This feature is now implemented in this new version.

Thanks for your honest opinion. The batch analysis is just one of the numerous new features we added it djay 2.

Please take a moment and watch the overview video of djay 2:…
The video walks you through all new features in djay 2 and will show you that this is really a whole new app and not just an update.

In any song list, click on “More” > “Analyze All Songs”.

I would love to see background library analyse for djay. Saves a lot of time when going live.
Thank you

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This would help a lot!!! Seriously!!!

When is there going to be a way analyze the track faster. May be select a group of songs to analyze. I get tired of waiting song by song to get bpms. Contact me back at

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Oops I just created a post saying exactly this and I agree there should be an auto track analysis!

C’mon Algoriddim, let’s see this on the next update!!

I’m using djay for iPad and think you guys should make an auto song analyze button! This way we don’t have to analyze songs one at a time which is a hassle when you have in my case 800 songs! The crossDJ app for iPad has this feature and it would be a lot nicer if djay had it aswell.

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Unfortunately, no where. Algoriddim is slacking bad with this feature!

Agreed, not only do I own djay but also an iDJ Pro and I might be using my Traktor DJ more and telling friends to get Traktor… Might as well for the same price.