Beat Grid Music That Is Not Strict BPM

We’ve all been there. And we all know how this should work by now. Just like Warp Markers in Ableton Live, Elastic Audio in Pro Tools, etc.

Algoriddim here this, we don’t mind if it means we need to adjust each beat individually becuase the track BPM varies, we want to be able to sync up and mix tracks for all decades.


As I have only ever used Djay software, can anyone tell me if this feature is available on other software such as Serato, Rekordboxor Virtual Dj?

I would love to have this feature implemented especially for the style of music I spin which is 70’s - 80”s Funk…

Yes. Rekordbox has it. They’re called “dynamic beatgrids”.
DJAY generally does a great job on older tracks that are not regular/strict bpm but any stops and starts are impossible to overcome currently.

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I should add. Rekordbox allows manual adjustment of beatgrids - which is the point of my suggestion!

Like all ‘dynamic’ analysing, Traktor, Live, Protools, it is invariably not 100% and one needs to go in by hand anyway.

Manual is what we want.

Here’s an interesting video, and there are more - manually adjusting beatgrids for those tracks that are strict/computerised tempo has been around for a loooong time.

+1 Would love to see the ability to properly grid both of these situations in DJAY (multiple BPM segments set within a track for intentional tempo changes, and elastic beat grids for older tracks with inconsistent tempos).

Totally agree with all of you. This has basically already been suggested here: Edit beat grid at multiple places


Thank you djjoejoe. I wonder if its possible to get all of these similar requests collated so Algoriddim might take notice?

Pretty sure that they are aware. They also go through new topics from time to time and write a short message underneath that they acknowledge the feedback so once they read through here, we should get that message :slight_smile:

gtk, thanks djjoejoe.