Edit beat grid at multiple places

Because there’s a lot of songs these days that have echos, fake cold endings, etc. in the middle of the song, would be great if we’d be able to update the beat grid at multiple spots, so that the indicator for the bar starting can be correct when you’re getting to the end of the song and ready to mix out.

This would be awesome. In my case I have a lot of music where the beat grit change a lot Ofer the time of the song😫


Thank you for getting in touch and welcome to our new community!

Multiple beat grids per track are a nice feature in order to work with tracks with several static bpm values. We want to thank you for pointing this out and would like to encourage other users to share their feedback and push the topic.

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That would be very helpful for me! For about 95% of my music, djay does an amazing job of automatically creating usable beatgrids (sometimes I have to edit BPM or set the grid start but that’s fine). In some cases, though, I will never be able to get the beat grid correctly. The most recent example of where I ran across this is the “Savage (Remix)” from Megan Thee Stallion & Beyoncé. After the first chorus (around 1:20), the beat suddenly “shifts” and then I’m left with an unaligned beat grid so I can choose to either have it correct in the beginning or after this.

This is really nicely visible in the new Neural Mix 3-pane. Over only four bars, the beat grid becomes unaligned and is then just lost.

The same thing applies to songs where the BPM changes drastically, of course.

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+1 for this idea please

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Also, sometimes there are 1-2 measure breaks right after the chorus, before the next verse. The beatgrid should be faded out during the breaks. It would make for easier mixing.

Please number your best grids!! Such a simple thing to miss

Could you please explain what this request (number the beat grit) means? How would it look inside the waveform? What is the benefit?
Thx in advance :pray:t4:

What I suppose should be possible to define when 4/4 changes to 2/4, 3/4 or even 5/4. It seems that it is quite common to have 2/4 “small break”. What it means that the 1st kick on beat 1 isn’t anymore in correct place and it sounds like beat has shifted. It hasn’t shifted, the song is like that: time signature is changed from 4/4 to something else in 1 bar or in several bars.

Ie. tt would nice if time signature changes can be detected or at least edited manually.

And I thought that this is all the way 4/4


God thx for this really good explanation. This was on the point :pray:t4::pray:t4::pray:t4:

Thank you all for your feedback and thoughts on the topic. We hear you loud and clear and will keep you posted about news. Keep on upvoting :slight_smile:

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