Beat Grid problems with Djay Pro 2 & 3 + TIDAL Audio Resolution Query

Anyone else experience this… I use the beatgrid lines to visually beatmatch when mixing my DJ sets. I use a BenQ 32" screen that I use with my DDJ1000. When I’m in TIDAL Normal (Recommended) Mode… I place my starter and exit cues with precision… no issues… I then visually beatmatch and yellow lines align at the start of a clean beat… great… but if I change my TIDAL setting to TIDAL HIFI, which I use for all my audiophile listening pleasure… and I import the same tracks the starter and exit cue marks no longer sit at the clean start of a beat… they are off… so when visually beat matching this off grid issue can be very off putting.

Anyone else ever experience this issue. I’m running macOS Mojave 10.14.6 with 128GB RAM on a 12 Core MacPro (Mid 2010) with a Sapphire Pulse RX580 8G graphics card plus 1TB SSD where my apps sit.

Also… how bad is the audio quality of TIDAL Normal (Recommended) as I’m used to listening to MQA music on TIDAL using my Bluesound PowerNode 2i plus B&W 603 S2 Anniversary Edition Speakers… and it just doesn’t have the same all round full sound…? Does anyone know the audio quality for Normal, High and HIFI…? I see on the manual for Djay Pro 2.0 its 96kbps, 320kbps and 1140kbps… is this now also the same for Djay Pro 3.0 ?


Yes… I might know where the problem is.

When the songs were converted from lossless format to others, there were exporting “errors” i.e. how the exporting algorithm behaves if there is small “silent” part in the beginning of the original song.

So the lossless file might not contain “the silent part” but the low quality doesn’t have it or other way around. For average listeners, they don’t care if there is a small difference, but for dj’s even a small silent part in the beginning of the file will put the whole grid to wrong place.

So for example

  • for low quality song version, you move the first marker let say to 00min 10s 00ms , and the file has 2s initial “silent part” in the beginning of the song
  • your high quality song version doesn’t have this silent part => the marker will be still on 00 min 10s 00ms but it will be 2s later than for your low quality song

Draw a picture and you’ll get it :wink:

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I’ve always had beat grid issues for years.
This specific issue is new to me.
I had an idea years back about a possible solution having djay set the Downbeat Grid to the Start Cue Point if available. I guess this idea is a No Go😏

Hello again…

Does anyone official from Algoriddim ever come on here and give loyal, enthusiastic customers any clear answers or suggestions…?